Teens can now say no to drugs with a grimace

by Tanya Dua
Nancy Reagan, rejoice: Teens can now say no to drugs without uttering a word. A new interactive Facebook game “Mute the Mouth” uses gesture recognition technology to detect and analyze user facial expressions. Atmosphere Proximity designed the game as a part of the pro-bono “Above the Influence” campaign for the non-profit Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.Read the full article

Above the Influence | Speak for Yourself ("Mouth")

We face different types of influence every single day - some of it great, but some of it not so much. Are you going to let negative influence take over, or are you going to keep thinking for yourself, and speaking for yourself? Living Above the Influence is all about understanding the pressures and influence around you, and making your own best decisions. Learn more about the movement empowering young people to make positive choices at www.abovetheinfluence.com.