How Perception Became Reality and I Had to Breakup with Google+

by Ryan Hanley
I’ve had this letter tucked away for a few months now. It’s time to stop pretending. Today I’m officially breaking up with Google+… Dear Google+, It’s not you, it’s me. Seriously. You’re amazing and have done nothing wrong. I love you dearly and I will always cherish the time we’ve spent together. I love you because you taught how to establish, refine and grow a personal brand.Read the full article

How to Quickly Grow Your Google+ Connections Without Creating a Single Post

Get your Google+ Starter Kit right here: ========= Special thanks to Stephan Hovnanian for the image: Struggling to traction on Google+? For many marketers, brands and business owners, including some major social media power-brokers, the strange and seemingly complex nature of Google+ has kept them from making a serious effort. There's no doubt, posting on Google+ takes time and effort... We can't auto-post or link-dump our way to success on Google+, no matter how big our following is on Twitter or Facebook. Google+ isn't a 140 characters or Ryan Gosling meme social network. Posts must add value to the community... we have to give our Google+ connections a reason to engage and click-through. So here's a secret I'd rather you didn't share with anyone else... You don't need to create your own posts to quickly grow your Google+ connections... Google+ has a relatively unique feature called Hover Cards. Hover Cards are essentially your business card on Google+. They pull specific pieces of information from your Google+ profile and display that information anytime someone hovers over your name with their mouse on Google+... YouTube has also implemented hovercards, and though they look slightly different, the concept is the same. (if you're watching this on YouTube or on Google+ move you mouse over my name to see Hovercards in action). Included in a hovercard is your cover photo, your profile picture, your tagline, education, employment, location and... one click direct connection follow button. Therein lies the rub my friends... Google+ users do NOT have to be on your profile page or even one of your original posts to connect with you. Because of Hovercards, every action you take inside Google+ is an opportunity to grow blog, brand and business... So here's how you quickly grow your Google+ connections without creating a single post... Comment. Comment in communities. Comment in Google+ Hangouts. Search relevant hashtags and comment on interesting posts you find. Add valuable comments everywhere you can as often as you can with more emphasis on Valuable than on Often. I know that posting on Google+ tends to be a little scarier than posting of other social networks... I know this because over 2,000 people have taken my free Google+ Starter Kit video training course and as a result I've received hundreds of responses, many of them are exactly the same. "How do I stop getting nervous everytime I post? "I feel like no one is connecting with me because my posts aren't goo..." "...and I'm worried no one is going to like my posts." There are 100 variations and all have the same solution... Don't post... At least not at first. Comment. It's much easier to be confident and add value to your community responding with a comment than creating your own posts. The best part is... Most content creators LOVE connecting with the people that comment on their posts, they want to support those who engage with them. Take 20-30 minutes everyday (or as often as you can) and comment inside Google+. This activity will help build your confidence to point where you're willing to post your own content as well as quickly build new connections and relationships. Which eventually will mean more sales. Want more great videos on growing blog, brand and business with Google+ and Content Marketing? Click the subscribe button you see on the screen RIGHT NOW! Get your Google+ Starter Kit right here: