The State of Social Media in Malaysia

For many of us, our earliest and fondest memories of social content from Malaysia are probably the beautifully crafted television commercials by the late Yasmin Ahmad for Malaysia’s largest oil and gas company, Petronas. Released during major festive holidays, these ads have gone viral on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.Read the full article

Petronas - Chinese New Year Advertisement 2011

Look like Petronas is continuing Yasmin Ahmad's goodwill messages during festive celebrations ... Good ad & hope Petronas would keep supporting to churn out more ad's as such.


We all know the stereotypes. We all know what other races think about us. And we all know that on social media, remarks by individuals fan the flames of racism. To explore this issue, we decided to do a test. We got Malaysians from different races, ages and backgrounds to audition for a short film. They did not know the script. They did not know the camera was rolling. Are you ready to find out what Malaysians really think about each other? SEE RELATED NEWS @