How 5 brands have used facial recognition technology

In the 1956 sci-fi novella “Minority Report,” Philip K. Dick predicted technology advances that are now commonplace, such as personalized advertising and facial recognition software; foreshadowing the future of marketing and branding. In 2015, much from the fiction — and the 2002 movie adaptation of it — doesn’t seem so far fetched.Read the full article

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Plan UK Interactive Bus Stop

Charity Plan UK's Because I am a Girl campaign, which highlights the plight of the world's poorest girls, has launched a groundbreaking interactive ad on a bus stop in Oxford Street (Feb 22nd). It aims to support four million girls* in developing countries to have more choices about what they do with their life. Developed by the Create team at Clear Channel, 3D Exposure and CURB Media, the Clear Channel screen uses facial recognition software with a HD camera to determine whether it's a man or woman standing in front of the screen. Passersby can opt-in to interact with the technology by standing in front of the screen and having their face scanned to view the ad and find out more about Plan's work to help some of the world's poorest girls. It shows different content to females. Men and boys are denied the choice to view the full content in order to highlight the fact that women and girls across the world are denied choices and opportunities on a daily basis due to poverty and discrimination. The campaign highlights that currently 75 million girls around the world are being denied the right to an education; every year 10 million girls in developing countries are coaxed, coerced or forced into marriage under the age of 18, with thousands of girls each year giving birth when they are still children themselves.

Facedeals - Check-In with Your Face

Video by Redpepper. This video originally posted on vimeo says that Facedeals provides a new, seamless way for Facebook users to check-in at their favorite businesses. Read more

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Douwe Egberts - Bye Bye Red Eye

Imagine a world where all you had to do to receive a free cup of delicious, steaming hot Douwe Egberts coffee was to yawn. That's right. Just yawn, and your exceptional caffeine fix appears right in front of your eyes.