Impressive! This is How Much Exposure You Can Achieve by Creating Great Content

by Jim Boykin
To encourage our Digital Asset team who work hard to build the highest-value content and bring lots trust and brand signals to our clients, we are excited to invite two of them to “Jim and Ann show” and let them share their success stories. We hope that these impressive numbers and results will inspire you to create something awesome for your site! Here are some of the numbe ...Read the full article

Content Marketing Success Stories from Internet Marketing Ninjas!

Read the full article: To rank high in Google you should be creating something awesome on a monthly basis. Not each of your content assets will go viral but all of them combined will attract lots of good trust signals: Social shares, links from newspapers and authority blogs, brand mentions and awareness... If you do that right! To give you some inspiration, we invited Ninjas Mike and Ninjas Craig from our Digital Asset team to shares some of their success stories and examples of results you can achieve! Listen to what you can achieve with a monthly content asset and high-quality promotion and social media outreach. You don't have to be a huge brand to go viral! Social media marketing can turn you into a niche influencer!