Do Website Redesign Like JJ Abrams

by Brian Massey
A website redesign is like a Hollywood movie reboot. It really is. There have been two attempts to reboot the cultural phenomenon that is Star Wars. George Lucas gave us three prequels that, while generating some $2.5 billion in box office worldwide, were largely reviled for their lack of magic and stunted acting.Read the full article

Every Lens Flare In Star Trek

EDIT: Should I do other movies? :P I created this for some fun, I also underestimated how many flares there actually are haha, took me a long few hours to crag all the footage ... pretty much a third of the movie is lens flares when i had the footage together :), Disclaimer: This does not mean i don't like lens flares... I actually LOVE Lens Flares :D Remember to Like and Share My Page on Facebook at Enjoy!