The best ads of 2016, so far

Here you go, ad-marketing-tech-PR-brand-digital people: something for you to read on the beach this weekend on your stupid smartphones. (Though I hope your kids bury them in the sand.) I committed myself to doing this post after rounding up the worst ads of 2016, so far, last week. But collecting terrible ads is ridiculously easy: I chose the five worst out of about 1,000 horrendous ads.Read the full article

Rekorderlig Cider Advert 2015 – ‘Silver Skaters’

Our ‘Silver Skaters’ Rekorderlig Cider film features our talented, quirky ice skaters and their evangelical coach, Jarmo. Their routine is unconventional but undeniably 'Beautifully Swedish', with a touch of the quirky humour that Scandinavians are famous for. Discover the #BeautifullySwedish way of life with us on Facebook

Special Dogs - Bondage