How YouTube Tripled My Daily Email Opt-In Rate

by Lisa Irby
I received a pleasant surprise after checking my email opt-in stats, and it’s all thanks to YouTube Annotations. I must say… I’m not a huge fan of how YouTube Annotations and Cards function. Both features allow you to overlay a link on top of your videos, but they are both pretty limiting in terms of design and functionality.Read the full article

Creating a Website - WordPress, Blogging & More - Part II

This is part 2 of my series on creating a website or blog, where I'll be discussing theme selection, blog vs static website, growing your email list and plugins to use to sell products. See Part 1 Installing WordPress: 0:30 Selecting a Theme: 1:15 Free vs Paid Themes: 2:05 Customizing your theme's header and sidebar: 2:34 My favorite premium themes: 4:52 Blog or Website? 5:20 How to Create a "What's New" tab for your blog posts: 7:00 Do You Need a Blog? 10:52 Starting an Email List: 12:15 Tracking Email Conversions: 14:18 Plugins for an Ecommerce Site: 15:40 Links to Sites in Video (I only use affiliate links for products I use and like) Studiopress (affiliate link) Elegant Themes Themeforest (affiliate link) AWeber (affiliate link) MailChimp Member Mouse (affiliate link)

Creating a Website - Avoid These Hosts! - Part I

The first two steps of creating your first website and a discussion about the state of the web hosting industry. See part 2 Companies owned by EIG