The New AdWords Report That Will Change Your PPC Plans

by Carrie Albright October 31, 2017 AdWords Search once openly offered a report that showed the volume of users you interacted with as well as how many interactions you conducted prior to a click or conversion.Read the full article

How to Pronounce Chagrin

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Where's Waldo NES Playthrough

A quick playthrough of Where's Waldo, based on the books of the same name, for the Nintendo Entertainment System by THQ. The goal is to find Waldo hidden in each level as he makes his way to the moon. A handful of minigames are also tossed in to add a little variety, however, none of them are really worth mentioning. The biggest issue of the game is that the clock is always counting down, even during cut-scenes, with the only way of gaining more time being a gamble with a 50-50 chance of losing more time instead. The graphical limitations of the NES also make the search levels a huge pixelated mess.