Celebrating ads that push it real good

Great ads are in fact like great sex: You feel it in your gut — or thereabouts. In ad school, you are taught — if your instructors are any good — to “push” your ideas, even if you’ve made a good ad. Good ads will get you noticed; great ads will get you hired. Back in 2010, the School of Visual Arts in NYC put up this cute “push” the envelope door installation.Read the full article

Kwiff - Caught Glass (2017)

The new integrated campaign for Kwiff which uses the tagline, “It’s perfectly normal. Until it’s kwiffed." Due to restrictions on gambling advertising, the agency can’t talk about positive feelings but can use analogies, and Droga5 makes the weirdest, loveliest analogies in these spots. Client: Kwiff Agency: Droga5, London


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