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  • How Will Chrome’s New Ad Blocker Impact Your Ads?

    The short version: it won’t! On February 15th, Google is set to launch a more robust ad filter for Chrome. Its goal is simple: to scrub the web of interstitial riff raff and other invasive advertising experiences. Now, advertisers have stared down the barrel of the almighty ad blocker before (and most lived to tell the tale), but this is the first ad blocker baked directly int ...

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  • Google Releases AMP Stories: What Are They All About?

    A massive tech company developing a new, interactive way to shove wads of content into our eyeholes: What a novel idea! Announced in a Developers blog post released on Tuesday, AMP Stories are a “mobile-focused format for delivering news and information as visually rich, tap-through stories.” While this might sound a lot like something Snapchat or Instagram or Facebook has al ...

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  • 10X Your A/B Testing with AdWords Ad Variations

    Is “Buy now” a more effective call to action than “Don’t miss the boat”? Do your prospects prefer to noodle around in a “free trial” or would they rather “try [our] software”? What happens if you invert your headlines? Do URL paths even matter, bro?!?! When it comes to writing ads, these are the questions that haunt paid search aficionados.

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  • 35 Marketing Statistics that Should Change Your Strategy in 2018

    A wise man once said, “When your boss’s boss’s boss slacks the marketing team a 30-page report, its contents are probably blog-worthy.” And that, friends, is why we’re here today. Merkle just released its quarterly benchmarks, a dense tome detailing the movers and the shakers, the stagnant and the shocking in the world of digital marketing.

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  • What Google’s New Ad Settings Mean for Your Remarketing Campaigns

    Fresh on the heels of Facebook announcing a major overhaul of how its News Feed delivers content to users, Google has decided to get in on the user experience party, too. Per an announcement from Jon Krafcik, Google’s Group Product Manager of Data Privacy and Transparency, the search juggernaut is building on the “Mute this Ad” feature it rolled out in 2012.

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  • How to Use Email Remarketing to Achieve Inbox Domination

    I love email remarketing, using hyper-targeted nurture funnels to gently float prospects away from open-minded indifference and towards becoming paying customers. As such, I’ve long mourned the fact that AdWords’ lone inbox placement, Gmail ads (formerly “Gmail Sponsored Promotions”), were not eligible for use in remarketing campaigns.

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  • Say No to the Slump: How to Drive Post-Holiday Sales with Facebook Ads

    B2B advertisers tend to see an influx of prospects after January 1. But for many businesses—online or otherwise—the post-holiday malaise is very real. Today, I’m going to teach you how to use Facebook ads to turn the “ugh, January“ you’ve become accustomed to into the Q1 kickoff you’ve always dreamed of.

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  • RIP AdWords Review Extensions (+ What to Replace Them With)

    First 2018 came for our warmth. Then it came for the Georgia Bulldogs. Today, it set its sights on review extensions. That’s right, people: starting this month, your AdWords ads will no longer have the privilege of being accompanied by third-party reviews. And in February, your extensions (and their data) will be wiped from the UI completely.

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  • The Year in AdWords: The 27 Biggest Stories of 2017

    Bitcoin. Cat Person. Other divisive things. 2017 has been one heck of a year, and no subset of the marketing world embodies that truth more so than AdWords. There were tons of changes, from platform redesign to new features and strategic adjustments galore! With that, feast your eyes on the 27 most important changes to hit AdWords in 2017.

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  • How to Make (Real, Mobile) Call-Only Ads on Bing

    For many local businesses (particularly those using PPC to drive leads instead of online sales) a phone call can be more valuable than an on-site conversion. While having a prospect complete a form fill on a landing page certainly doesn’t hurt, it simply cannot compare to the immediacy of them picking up a phone and speaking to a potential problem solver instantly.

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  • 4 Super-Useful New AdWords Features You Need to Try

    Google just unleashed a gang of new AdWords features to help you improve performance in every cranny of your paid search campaigns. Today, I’m going to run through everything you'll need to know to implement these super-useful changes throughout your account. #1: Promotion Extensions Since the advent of AdWords, folks like you and me have been forced to use their ad headlines ...

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  • Attention Accountants: Your Impressions Are About to Skyrocket

    Have you heard the news? There are some drastic tax code changes on the horizon. The GOP plan for tax overhaul cleared the House on Thursday. Regardless of your political leanings, that’s big news for your AdWords account! If you’re a CPA (Certified Personal Accountant), or an agency running accounts for accountants, you’re going to want to prepare for the impending increase i ...

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  • 3 Creative Ways to Use Ad Extensions (that Google Won't Tell You About!)

    Question: What kind of advertiser doesn’t want their creative to sprawl down and across the entirety of a prospect’s search engine results page? Answer: A bad one. And how does one achieve such SERP dominance? Why, through ad extensions, of course! As most of you are aware, ad extensions are the extra bits of information Google allows advertisers to append to their Expanded ...

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  • How to Create Amazing Facebook Audiences You Can Actually Sell To

    Creating Facebook audiences isn’t rocket science, but with the seemingly endless waves of targeting options available, it sure can feel like it. Getting ROI from your Facebook spend is all about focusing your budget so only relevant, qualified audiences see your ads. So how do you find the right audiences on Facebook, whatever your industry and business type? Today, I’m going ...

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