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  • How to Use Google AdWords [Infographic]

    In a way, AdWords is a lot like college. You show up on day one doe-eyed, forced to decide whether you’d rather dominate the books or the beer pong table. (If you’re a savant, perhaps you’re capable of doing both simultaneously.) If you study and learn and adapt and grow, you come out the other end successful – in college, this means a degree; in AdWords, it means obliteratin ...

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  • GIFs Will Revolutionize Your Facebook Ads - Here's How to Use Them

    They’re the unpronounceable backbone of the internet. The space between image and video. The troll fodder littering the Twittersphere. We’re talking GIFs, people, and they’re about to launch your Facebook ads’ click-through-rates higher than a Boulder-based astrophysicist. While the majority of your GIF-usage to this point has likely consisted of emotive responses that simply ...

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  • How to Build a PPC Offering at Your Digital Marketing Agency

    Clients have been clamoring for leads and sales for long enough; the time to launch a pay-per-click offering at your agency was yesterday. Now, there are infinite possibilities when it comes to designing, launching, and managing a PPC offering for your digital marketing agency. On one hand this is fantastic: you can tailor your offering to best fit your existing skills and th ...

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  • 5 Luxury Marketing Strategies to Increase Conversions (At The Right Price)

    There’s a reason Gucci doesn’t do infomercials for tiger print duffels. That Equinox doesn’t offer a discount for January first’s newly health-obsessed. That anthropomorphic Hamsters break dance in front of Kia Souls instead of Range Rovers. Advertising for luxury brands tends to focus on, well, luxury. The happiness they inspire. The quality.

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  • NEW: Tailor Ads by Device or Audience with AdWords IF Functions

    Expanded Text Ads have been the only text ad format available to advertisers for about a week now, and Google is already rolling out innovation in the form of IF functions. “Hold your horses, Allen: what’s an ‘IF’ function?” Frankly, an ad customizer on steroids. According to Google, “IF functions allow you to insert a specific message in your text ads when a condition is m ...

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  • The Secrets of AdWords CTR in 5 Charts

    Click-through rate (CTR) is arguably the most important metric in paid search (organic, too, for that matter). It’s a key component in determining Quality Score. It’s indicative of copy that entices prospects to visit your landing pages. It. Matters. A lot. Consumers click on exceptional ads, ads that address their needs or make an emotional appeal, and gloss over bad (or even fine) ones.

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  • Why You NEED to Switch to Expanded Text Ads In 5 Graphs

    The day of reckoning is fast-approaching, people: On January 31, Expanded Text Ads become the only text ads. If you’ve been putting off switching to Expanded Text Ads, or ETA’s, stop! There’s no more time to waste. And in today’s post, I’ll prove how important it is for you to adopt ETA’s ASAP in five nifty graphs.

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  • 3 Woefully Underused, Crazy-Effective PPC Landing Page Tips

    A thoughtful account structure and irresistible Expanded Text Ads are great, but without fine-tuned landing pages, it’s all for naught. If your landing pages are underwhelming and underoptimized, you’re paying for prospects to click on ads and, outside of a captivated minority, head back to the SERP unimpressed.

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  • #KnowNearby: Every Emoji You Can Tweet at Google for Instant Local Links [Infographic]

    Did you just decide to hunt down the best burger in Boston? Curious about craft cocktails in Charleston? Do you just want to know if the ominous stormclouds overhead will open up any time soon? Google’s got you covered (just not in the way you might think). Many of the questions you may have typed into a search engine can now be answered on Twitter: as long as your inquiry ca ...

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  • 3 Woefully Underused, Crazy-Effective PPC Landing Page Tips

    A thoughtful account structure and irresistible Expanded Text Ads are great, but without fine-tuned landing pages, it’s all for naught. You’re paying for prospects to click on ads and, outside of a captivated minority, head back to the SERP unimpressed. Of course, there could also be instances in which your landing pages, in keeping with your ad copy and account structure, a ...

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  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Expanded Text Ads (And What to Do Instead)

    Despite the fact that remembering to rinse cans and throw out the little sheet of wax paper covered in coagulated cheese at the bottom of every pizza box is a minor annoyance, I’m a big proponent of recycling. Unless, that is, we’re talking about stitching old snippets of ad copy together in order to create your new Expanded Text Ads.

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  • 5 Tips to Align Your AdWords Account with Your Sales Funnel Stages

    You bring in a consultant or make a new hire to develop the perfect sales funnel. You’re cranking out quality top of funnel content daily. Your nurture campaigns are building relationships with leads as they drift down, down, down. And your swarm of salespeople, armed with demos and free trials, driven by incentive-laden bonus structures, are ready to close like the dickens.

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  • 5 Data-Driven Lawyer Marketing Strategies

    Every lawyer is familiar with the trials (had to) and tribulations associated with marketing their practice. Keywords are inordinately expensive. Qualifying traffic can seem impossible. And outside of the destination URL virtually every ad on the SERP looks the exact same. Here on the WordStream blog, Wistia’s Margot da Cunha stitched together a comprehensive, lawyer-specific ...

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  • 5 Questions AdWords Advertisers Should Ask Themselves Every Quarter

    An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but it won’t do anything for your AdWords account. The PPC equivalent of a mid-morning Pink Lady—daily bid adjustments, adding negatives, testing new ad copy—is an excellent habit to develop, but that alone isn’t enough to keep your account performing at a high level.

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  • 3 Local Marketing Tips to Lock Up the Local SERP

    For small, regionally focused businesses to run effective PPC accounts, a local search marketing strategy is key. While it might seem counterintuitive to limit reach with geographic parameters and keyword modifiers, in truth you’re mitigating the power of national competitors with comparatively limitless resources.

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  • How to Maximize Your AdWords ROI

    “Increase conversions, reduce spend.” - Every AdWords user. Ever. In an ideal world, spending less to make more would be a cinch. There would be chocolate fountains on every street corner. Student loan debt would vanish. Alas. In reality, reconciling the twin desires of growing your customer base while spending less on advertising is no small feat.

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