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  • 5 Tips to Align Your AdWords Account with Your Sales Funnel Stages

    You bring in a consultant or make a new hire to develop the perfect sales funnel. You’re cranking out quality top of funnel content daily. Your nurture campaigns are building relationships with leads as they drift down, down, down. And your swarm of salespeople, armed with demos and free trials, driven by incentive-laden bonus structures, are ready to close like the dickens.

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  • 5 Data-Driven Lawyer Marketing Strategies

    Every lawyer is familiar with the trials (had to) and tribulations associated with marketing their practice. Keywords are inordinately expensive. Qualifying traffic can seem impossible. And outside of the destination URL virtually every ad on the SERP looks the exact same. Here on the WordStream blog, Wistia’s Margot da Cunha stitched together a comprehensive, lawyer-specific ...

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  • 5 Questions AdWords Advertisers Should Ask Themselves Every Quarter

    An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but it won’t do anything for your AdWords account. The PPC equivalent of a mid-morning Pink Lady—daily bid adjustments, adding negatives, testing new ad copy—is an excellent habit to develop, but that alone isn’t enough to keep your account performing at a high level.

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  • 3 Local Marketing Tips to Lock Up the Local SERP

    For small, regionally focused businesses to run effective PPC accounts, a local search marketing strategy is key. While it might seem counterintuitive to limit reach with geographic parameters and keyword modifiers, in truth you’re mitigating the power of national competitors with comparatively limitless resources.

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  • How to Maximize Your AdWords ROI

    “Increase conversions, reduce spend.” - Every AdWords user. Ever. In an ideal world, spending less to make more would be a cinch. There would be chocolate fountains on every street corner. Student loan debt would vanish. Alas. In reality, reconciling the twin desires of growing your customer base while spending less on advertising is no small feat.

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  • Facebook Unveils (Then Veils) New Custom Audience: Link Sharers!

    There’s a new reason to start cranking out quality content, folks. Facebook appears to be close to launching a brand new targeting method, one that will allow advertisers to target users who share your on-site content on Facebook. Yesterday, Facebook advertising wunderkind Jon Loomer blogged about his experience with this new custom audience.

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  • 4 International PPC Tips for Non-US English-Speaking Countries

    Wu Tang is for the children; AdWords is for everyone. It’s used by marketers from Boston to Brisbane and, outside of ad extensions (some of which are unavailable in countries that don’t fly the stars and stripes) and policies grounded in legalities, the strategies SEMs use are largely the same. Costs per click, however can vary drastically: As you can see, average CPCs look ...

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  • The Complete, Digestible Guide to AdWords Budgets

    Budgeting is a chore. Always. Whether you’re pinching pennies to pay rent for an overpriced studio overlooking a dingy alley, or paving the road to internet moguldom, or both, simultaneously, it drives the average red blooded American up the wall. There are ways to mitigate the insanity. There is, however, no way to completely avoid budgeting properly without hamstringing yourself down the road.

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  • 6 Perfect Playlists For PPC Account Management

    Music makes millennials more productive. Fact, not opinion. Our hips wouldn’t even dream of lying. WordStream, like any business brimming with twentysomethings, is a workplace where music matters. Now, I can’t speak for our sensational engineers or unrivaled sales team (we’re hiring!), but on the fifteenth floor, the home of our customer success and managed services teams, i ...

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  • PPC Cum Laude: 3 Smart Strategies for Higher Education Marketing

    If you’ve read my posts in the past, you’ll know I came to paid search from the world of advanced degrees and elbow patches. While the academia wasn’t quite for me, I’ve managed a number of accounts where I had to use paid search and social ads to find others who are interested in pursuing higher education in its many forms—from locally-targeted advanced degrees to worldwide MOOCs.

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  • 3 Underused AdWords Features That’ll Blow Your Mind & Boost Your Bottom Line

    At least once a week I’ll click through an AdWords account and stumble upon something I didn’t know existed. Sometimes it’s a targeting method or report. Once, I learned that just because someone clicks an ad and makes a purchase it doesn’t necessarily mean the conversion should be explicitly tied to that click (degrees in English lit. don’t put much emphasis on attribution…weird, I know).

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  • Is Live Chat Support Killing Your Landing Page Conversions?

    Let’s say you do a Google search, click on a paid ad, and navigate to a site to purchase bespoke pillowcases. In the lower right-hand corner of your browser you notice something lying in wait. After thirty seconds or so spent lost in the intricate stitching details, a live chat box manned by somebody, let’s call them Hodor and Hagrid, materializes. He or she offers assistance. You bite.

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  • 3 Ways a Small Business Can Compete with the Big Guys in PPC [DATA]

    Being the little guy can be tough. You’re underfunded. You lack resources. You spend lonely nights eating cans of warmish black beans googling buzzwords like “grassroots” and “bootstrap.” But no matter how many times you nod off to a Seth Godin audiobook on the subway, competing with the biggest and baddest in your vertical can seem daunting.

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