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  • How Content Completes The Sales Cycle

    In terms of the sales process, we often think of content as being geared towards generating leads and attracting prospects. Marketers use content to get leads to the first stages of the sales cycle, and then salespeople take over to push them down the funnel. The legacy of disconnect between marketing and sales teams means there’s also a disconnect in the content that flows between.

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  • Resource Guide To Content Marketing Companies 2015

    In part one of our write up on the Content Marketing Stack, we talked about many of the content marketing companies that have emerged in the last few years and gave some detail on how we created our stack. In this post, we present our definitive list of tools/companies/platforms that will help you navigate the increasingly vast content marketing landscape.

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  • Building The Content Marketing Stack 2015

    Evolving and rapidly expanding, the content marketing landscape has provided an arsenal of tools for marketers to create, curate, promote and analyze content. A rejection of traditional broadcast techniques; content marketing has become a mainstay in the marketing ecosystem. It is demand driven and highly focused on serving consumers with the content they want.

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