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  • Why Search Is Like The Housing Market

    For as long as I’ve been in paid search, there’s always been debate and much banter (argument?!) about whether my chosen discipline is better than it’s sibling, SEO. What I hope to do in this article is give you a way to explain the pros and cons of both channels to your clients while hopefully persuading you that both are important when it comes to deciding your marketing strategy.

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  • Top Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Bing Ads

    Being British I love an underdog story. We do really love a “tryer”. It must be baked into our national psyche thanks to years of below-average performance at most sports. There’s also a suggestion that maybe Brits just hate successful people. It’ll then come as no surprise that as a result, I have a surprising affinity for Bing Ads over Google Adwords.

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  • Taking Your Audiences to the Next Level

    In my last article we went through how to start gathering the audience data you need to begin using audiences in your campaigns every day. This time we’ll cover off some next-level hacks, some expert tips and tricks to help you do even more. Let’s get stuck in! (If you’ve got no idea what I’m talking about, read the first of this duo).

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  • Audiences – Get Started With Paid Media!

    There’s been lots said and written in recent months about the changes in the world of search. I’ve written about some of them myself (here and here) as it’s a topic that fascinates me. Change is the only constant in our industry and we see a LOT of it on an almost daily basis. If I sit down and think about all the change in the last few years, it could be overwhelming.

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  • How to Predict the Digital Future

    As we reach this time of year, moving from one year into the next, people inevitably do two things (and I’m not talking about making and then breaking resolutions!). The first thing they do is to look back at what’s passed to see what they can learn from it. The second, is to make predictions about what will happen next.

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  • Bots – the future of search?

    We know search is changing. Almost every single day, something in our world shifts. Sometimes it’s a little shift and sometimes it’s Enhanced Campaigns, Expanded Text Ads, or Penguin. There’s a big change coming – possibly the biggest we’ve ever seen. And it’s already begun. A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend the Bing Ads Next event in Redmond, WA.

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