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  • The Complete Guide to Using Stock Photos in Your Marketing

    When you hear the term ‘stock photo’, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? My hunch is it’s probably a photo of a group of friends awkwardly laughing, business people staring at charts on a wall, or something along those lines. Probably not the best connotations, right? Used correctly, though, free stock photos can really bring your ads, blog posts, and content to life.

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  • Why There’s No Perfect Time to Post on Facebook

    There probably isn’t a single best time to share to social media. There’s a long tradition of studies that have attempted to uncover a ‘best time’ to post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and almost every other social media marketing channel, with each study finding a wide range of results (we’ve even created our own studies here at Buffer).

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  • How to Repost on Instagram

    One of the best aspects of social media is being able to share something with your followers. On Twitter, you can retweet. On Facebook, there’s the option to share a post. And on Instagram, you can repost, which is essentially a way to share a picture from another Instagram user with your followers.

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  • Instagram for Business: 30 Tips to Grow Your Audience and Stand Out on Instagram

    Instagram is the go-to place for over 300 million people to share their photos, videos, and stories every single day. And as Instagram has grown over recent years, that’s left many business owners and marketers with one very clear and important question: How can we use Instagram for business? Well today, we’d love to dive head first into that topic and share: How to set up ...

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  • Facebook Organic Reach is Dying: Here’s Why It’s a Good Thing

    More and more our News Feeds are full of updates from friends… not companies — but there are benefits to this. Image via Shutterstock. Facebook wears many hats. It does everything, and is everything. It’s where we turn to celebrate many important life milestones, share our lives with our friends, organize events, consume media and much, much more. But for marketers, it’s an advertising tool.

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  • Everyone Can Now Create Twitter Moments: Here’s All You Need to Know

    The ability to create Twitter Moments is being rolled out to all users. Twitter Moments enable users to stitch together multiple tweets into slideshow-like stories. When they originally launched, Moments were intended to help Twitter users keep up with what the world is talking about at any given time without having to follow loads of new people or watch trending topics closely.

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  • Longer Tweets Are Coming: All You Need to Know About Twitter’s 140 Character Update

    Twitter is about to make a big change to the way tweets work. From today, it’s reported that Twitter is cutting back on what types of content will use up its 140-character limit. It’s expected that @names in replies, media attachments (like photos, GIFs, videos, and polls) and quoted Tweets will no longer be counted against the valuable 140 characters that make up a tweet.

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  • How to Create a YouTube Channel to Make the Most of YouTube’s Billion-User Network

    YouTube, the Google-owned video network, boasts over a billion users — almost one-third of all people on the Internet — and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. On mobile alone, YouTube reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S. What’s amazing, though, is that only 9% of small businesses in the U.S.

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