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  • Teaching undergraduates “survival skills for the digital world” #DigitalSkills16

    Yesterday I sat on a panel at a conference entitled “digital skills for graduates” held at the Teachers Union in Edinburgh. Given that graduates and digital skills have been the life blood of Attacat, inevitably I have some views. And having not worked in the Higher Education sector in any major way, it was fun to put over a viewpoint that is unconstrained by reality! Here’s ...

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  • Lessons learned and moving forward – building a business in a day

    It’s been just over a month since we used Leap Day (29th February) for our #attamadness “build a business in a day” challenge. It’s obviously been exciting but it’s also been an incredible learning experience. The TL:DR version of this article is that we’ve quickly and inexpensively learned that the business model is going to need a little bit of a tweak and we are therefore o ...

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  • Complete and #attamadness live. “Build a business in a day” as it happens

    Summary 22nd Feb – Plan to make use of the “extra day” of 29th Feb to do something different revealed 24th Feb – First clues (“Meerkats” and “Blown”) as to what the business is going to be about! More cryptic clues this week Business idea to be revealed right here and live at 9am Monday Live video broadcasts throughout the day Live webcam | Hashtag l ...

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  • A Leap Into the Unknown – Building a Business in a Day

    Hooray! We’ve been given an extra day this year! The 29th of February is just a week away and the Attacats are going to use this leap day to do something a bit different. We are going to set-up a completely new business. From scratch. In a single day. At 9am on Monday (29th) the business, which has nothing to do with digital marketing, will not be anything more than a concept.

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