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  • Teaching undergraduates “survival skills for the digital world” #DigitalSkills16

    Yesterday I sat on a panel at a conference entitled “digital skills for graduates” held at the Teachers Union in Edinburgh. Given that graduates and digital skills have been the life blood of Attacat, inevitably I have some views. And having not worked in the Higher Education sector in any major way, it was fun to put over a viewpoint that is unconstrained by reality! Here’s ...

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  • Lessons learned and moving forward – building a business in a day

    It’s been just over a month since we used Leap Day (29th February) for our #attamadness “build a business in a day” challenge. It’s obviously been exciting but it’s also been an incredible learning experience. The TL:DR version of this article is that we’ve quickly and inexpensively learned that the business model is going to need a little bit of a tweak and we are therefore o ...

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  • Complete and #attamadness live. “Build a business in a day” as it happens

    Summary 22nd Feb – Plan to make use of the “extra day” of 29th Feb to do something different revealed 24th Feb – First clues (“Meerkats” and “Blown”) as to what the business is going to be about! More cryptic clues this week Business idea to be revealed right here and live at 9am Monday Live video broadcasts throughout the day Live webcam | Hashtag l ...

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  • A Leap Into the Unknown – Building a Business in a Day

    Hooray! We’ve been given an extra day this year! The 29th of February is just a week away and the Attacats are going to use this leap day to do something a bit different. We are going to set-up a completely new business. From scratch. In a single day. At 9am on Monday (29th) the business, which has nothing to do with digital marketing, will not be anything more than a concept.

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  • Key highlights from Google Accelerate 2015 #gpaccelerate

    My latest Google adventure brought me to Dublin for the second annual Google Partners Accelerate conference last month. This brought together 235 selected agencies from as far afield as Dubai and South Africa and, like last year, the focus was on the changing digital landscape and the opportunities for the year ahead. It was thought provoking stuff.

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  • Best content marketing I’ve experienced this year

    Want to know what the best “content marketing” I’ve experienced this year is? Clue: It’s not what you might usually consider as content marketing. I’ve recently been on the receiving end of a truly remarkable piece of content marketing. It’s a piece of B2B marketing that has cemented a long-standing love affair that I have with a company.

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  • SEO in 2015: New Media Breakfast slide deck

    At the request of those who came along, here is my slide deck from last month’s New Media Breakfast presentation. I tended to speak around the slides so this will primarily be of use to the attendees. For those that didn’t make it, I’ll aim to blog about some of the content over t ...

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  • How to get an entry level marketing job at Attacat: The 2015 edition

    Last night we held our now traditional graduate “job applicant feedback session”. What, you may ask, is that? To put it simply, we invited people who applied for our recent graduate position but didn’t get the job to come along and find out why. This is a tradition we started five years ago when the graduate job market suddenly got very stacked in the employers’ favour.

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  • Games and Gamification for Marketing: Event roundup and why it’s interesting

    In mid-January I attended a Creative Edinburgh/IPA event on the subject of games and gamification in marketing. The most insightful question of the evening in my opinion came from Andrew Burnett and was along the lines of: Are we putting too much emphasis on games, and not enough on gamification? Are we therefore risking getting too far away from the business objectives? ...

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  • Please Support Edinburgh’s Tech Start-Up Scene

    Just because we aren’t in Silicon Valley does not mean that there isn’t a vibrant start-up scene in Edinburgh. Over the years I’ve learned a huge amount from the tech entrepreneurs, start-up marketers, product managers and developers based here in the Athens of the North. This is why I urge you to support the StartEdin initiative.

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  • Future: Robotics in Marketing

    Yesterday Edinburgh University launched a new “Centre for Robotics” as part of its flagship Informatics school. I was tempted along to the inaugural lecture simply because of my love of all things tech. However I also have a gut instinct that robotics will play a role in marketing at some point in the future.

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  • celebrating 15 years of being online

    We would like to wish long-time client a very happy 15th birthday (and a massive thanks for working with us for the last 8 of those!). (and they are celebrating with a 15% off sale this weekend) Jon and I were lucky enough to be invited to last night’s no-holes-barred celebration at the Cardrona hotel which featured hilarious speakers including one of my or ...

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