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  • 8 signs that it’s time to rewrite your search ads

    By the Boost Media team. You put a lot of time into your search campaigns. But do you know when to write a new ad or refresh your existing ad copy? Most marketers don’t. Here are eight triggers that indicate that it’s time to gain the competitive advantage. When your product catalog or the season changes.

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  • Five things excellent search ad copy can do for your brand

    By the Boost Media Team Actually sitting down and writing search copy may be an afterthought for you and your brand. However, marketers can benefit from focusing on the last step in the marketing process. Matching your keywords and bidding strategies with your creative strategies is imperative for long-term success with your customers.

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  • An optimized image is worth a thousand…clicks?

    You’ve heard it thousands of times before: “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” In the world of digital marketing, words don’t serve as very effective currency or as an effective quantifier of performance. But a new concept, image optimization, is emerging in online advertising. Using it, marketers can quantitatively measure images not with words but with clicks and conversions: m ...

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  • Why good search ads should hit you right in the “feels”

    This column was authored by Sarah Burns, head of content and public relations for Boost Media. Advertising is at its best when it forges a deep connection with the consumer. The ability to stir up positive emotions goes a long way in strengthening brand loyalty and increasing sales. But too often, brands fall back on formulaic processes and boilerplate copy that resulting in g ...

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