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  • How to Build In Irresistible Brand Even if You Are a Newbie Blogger

    You’ve wondered, right? Back when you installed WordPress, you were excited to join the blogging wagon. You chose an interesting topic, and wrote heart lifting articles. You were sure to build a loyal following, and be finally branded an authority. But now, you are a little worried. After months or even years of beating on your craft, You aren’t getting the attention you deserve.

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  • 9 Writing Mistakes That Makes You Look Like An Idiot

    Admit it. You desire to be one of the smartest writers of your time. You want to be a creative wordsmith, crafting out contents so good that Forbes yarns for more. But it’s not happening. Your writing is dumb, lame and lifeless. So you fear you’ll never be remembered. You fear you’ll never succeed. You fear all you’ve labored for would come crashing right before you. It sucks.

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