Ed Lew

  • Be Prepared: Follow this Business Trip Checklist

    At some point in the Digital Marketer’s career, business trips will make an occasional appearance. Life would be much simpler maintaining the status quo of communicating through email, Skype, by phone or even video conferencing. But let’s face it – there really is no comparison for meeting your client in-person for the infrequent QBR or planning pow-wow.

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  • 5 Ways to Immediately Improve CTR

    Is your Quality Score too high? Are you and your client satisfied with the amount of qualified traffic coming through? These are exactly the type of questions NO one should be asking – especially if your strategy is to help a business continue to grow. Here are 5 ways to quickly give your CTR a positive boost! Neg Irrelevant High Impression Terms We tend to get caught up add ...

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  • How-to: Manage PPC Accounts for Franchise Business Models

    How-to: Manage PPC Accounts for Franchise Business Models Managing clients with franchise business models can be a challenge. A single franchise client can range from having a dozen locations to as many as hundreds of locations! When there are simply not enough hours in the day to manage hundreds of campaigns for each individual location, efficiently setting up your acco ...

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