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  • The Cross-Border Series Part 4: Advertising In APAC

    Asia Pacific, or APAC, includes countries along the Pacific Rim of Asia and Oceania, each of different sizes, cultures and developmental statuses. In aggregate, this region of about 20 countries counts near 4 billion people and $24 trillion in aggregate GDP (summed World Bank population and GDP figures, also used in the Excel charts below) and has exploded onto the digital scene.

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  • The Cross-Border Series Part 3: Landing An E-Commerce Strategy In Latin America

    “Latin America” is a term that identifies the countries throughout the Northern, Central, Southern and Caribbean Americas where Romance languages are the primary tongue, which counts a combined population of about 600 million people. LatAm is also home to a regional economy of $6 trillion (World Bank figures for all countries) and an e-commerce industry that’s valued at $88.

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  • The Cross-Border Series Part 1: Capturing Canadian Conversions

    Just as businesses who ignore mobile searchers miss out on a huge number of potential customers, businesses who focus solely on Americans miss out on a massive number of global customers. If you think your company doesn’t have business opportunities outside of the United States, it’s about time to rethink your business strategy.

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