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  • Better Prepare For PPC Account Transitions

    Learn how you can be prepared, what steps you can take for a smoother transition, and how to keep all parties on the same page during a transition between PPC account managers. Goals Are Being Met If goals are being met and performance/projects are moving in the right direction, you will have some time to evaluate capacity within your team.

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  • How To Transition Between PPC Managers

    While transitioning between account managers can be stressful and sometimes unplanned, it can also be an opportunity to reinforce your relationship with the client and breathe new life into an account. Here are three tips for better transitions. Be Prepared Always prepare for these situations before they happen. This is just as important as how you handle them.

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  • An Introduction To Yahoo Gemini

    Are you looking for a way to expand your reach in Display advertising? Like most PPC advertisers, you have likely delved into interested based targeting and remarketing on Google’s Display Network. Beyond Google is another display tactic worth testing – Yahoo Gemini. Gemini showcases ads within the Yahoo and Yahoo Partner site network.

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  • Setting Up Your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategy

    Usually as agencies we come across established digital clients, clients who have been in advertising for a very long time. They have spent a lot of dollars to promote their brand, products and services. Every once in a while, we come across a client that is not active in the digital space. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, we’re going to walk you through the steps to figuring all this out.

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  • Utilize And Test Holiday Ad Copy

    Are you covering your various bases with coupon, deal, promo language? Which works best for you? Because users respond to holiday promotional items in various ways, it is critical that your ad copy not only reflect these deals, but also test them. Test copy with numerical values such as “Save 20%” versus “20% Off.” “2 for 1 Deal” versus “Buy 1 Get 1.” Or “$29.

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  • Agency Tips: 7 Steps for Communicating Bad News

    If you are part of an agency, and tasked with communicating bad news to clients, you know it can be difficult. Bad news can mean a variety of things. Some of which include: Communicating employee turnover and account team transitions Poor account performance Mistakes made within the account Issues with scope of work Communication or relationship issues Invoice or agreement c ...

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  • Rev Up Your PPC Strategy!

    Agency readers, have you ever had a client say ‘I need more strategy’? And, in-house readers have you ever asked this question of your agency? I think we have all had to stop in our tracks and take a look at what is actually driving the actions we are taking. For me, it happened very early in my career.

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  • Project Your Ad Spend During Back To School Season

    "Back to School" week continues as Hayley provides formulas that you should consider using to determine your visibility and spend during this important time of the year. If you haven't yet, read Amanda's post on "4 Steps To Back To School Success." Back to school means increased consumer shopping. Your target audience will be in the market to purchase and may not be back until next year.

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  • Use AdWords Similar Audiences To Reach Your Uncovered Audience

    Hopefully there comes a time when you (the advertiser) have hit your goals and maybe even that mysterious point of diminishing return, and you ask yourself, "Now what?" It's time to grow but you've maxed out your return within your current targeting. Something has to change. Search is a 'pull' vehicle. Users search for answers after becoming aware of a need.

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