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  • Does YouTube TV present an opportunity for video advertisers?

    As announced last week, YouTube is plunging further into video-on-demand (VOD) and more specifically, TV subscription services. The aptly named YouTube TV service will cost $35 a month and will launch stateside in the not-too-distant future. Whether you are creating and sharing unique content on your own channel or making use of the already available advertising options, YouT ...

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  • Artificial intelligence – Should you be preparing your website?

    21 July 2016 BY Jack Cooper Until now, artificial intelligence (AI) has largely been used in a B2B environment, helping businesses to make sense of data, and make educated decisions based on what is known as ‘big data’. Machine learning, in order to make better business decisions. This includes helping become more intelligent with CRM, SEO, PPC advertising and many other channels.

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  • What is Analytics User Explorer, and how useful is the data?

    16 June 2016 BY Jack Cooper Along with many other impressive announcements recently, Google has been busy providing users some interesting new features to enhance its already invaluable analytics platform. I must admit, my favourite change that has been introduced recently (not for analytics) is the ability to aggregate and group search console data using property sets.

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  • AdWords targets SMS growth with new ‘click to message’ feature

    26 May 2016 BY Jack Cooper Estimated reading time: 10 minutes, 18 seconds There’s an abundance of data and more and more research suggesting that marketers should not just be considering mobile-first strategies, but prioritising them too. This further confirms what we already know, that Google is continuing its pursuit of AdWords growth and appeal in the mobile marketing arena.

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