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  • Day in the Life: How Brit Morin built a DIY business

    This article is from Pulse, Digiday’s quarterly print magazine about the modernization of media. This is a peek at the third issue, which focuses on the current state and future potential of video. To receive the full 80-page issue and subscribe to a year of Pulse, visit For Brit Morin, building a business was a lot like assembling one of her brand’s DIY boxes.

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  • Mozilla’s Firefox to begin blocking Adobe Flash in 2017

    Mozilla’s Firefox is joining the conga line of companies ditching Adobe Flash. Beginning in 2017, Firefox users will be offered an option to activate a Flash-enabled video, meaning the buggy software will no longer load automatically. Mozilla blamed Flash’s swath of “stability, performance, and security issues” for the change.

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  • Melania Trump’s $2,000 Roksanda RNC dress sells out

    Prior to allegations that Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama’s address to the 2008 Democratic National Convention, most of of the online attention was directed toward her dress. Poof, it’s gone. The wife of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump strutted onto center stage at the Republican National Convention last night in a form-fitting, off-white cotton dress from designer Roksanda Ilincic.

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  • Nike earns praise for featuring plus-sized models on Instagram

    Nike is basking in positivity over body-positive pictures it has recently posted on Instagram. The reason is because the activewear brand have uploaded two pictures with plus-sized models wearing Nike sports bras. The theme is titled “Welcome to Sports Bra 101” and is aimed telling women how sports bras should fit. The two posts on @NikeWomen, which has 4.

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  • #GOPSoWhite: Paul Ryan ridiculed for posting a ‘blinding’ selfie with interns

    House Speaker Paul Ryan is taking heat from the internet over an Instagram post. Selfie-stick in hand, the Republican heavyweight uploaded a photo of himself and Capitol Hill interns on Saturday. “I think this sets a record for the most number of #CapitolHill interns in a single selfie. #SpeakerSelfie,” the caption reads.

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  • Day in the Life: Pressed Juicery CEO plots a new flavor launch

    Hayden Slater’s five day juice cleanse turned into a month-long juice cleanse. Now it’s gotten him a rapidly growing business. Slater and his juice. (Photo: Provided) Six years ago, the Pressed Juicery co-founder and CEO bought a one way ticket to southeast Asia where he spent several weeks traveling through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, sustaining himself with only coconut w ...

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  • Trump rolls out NSFW logo for Mike Pence vice president announcement

    Donald Trump’s penchant for gaudy design is once again making headlines. Today, the presumptive Republican nominee finally confirmed that he’s chosen Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his vice president pick. With that, Trump’s campaign rolled out a new eye-raising logo in which the T is, uh, interlocking with the P. Here it is: New @realDonaldTrump/@mike_pence logo. Thoughts? GO: pic.twitter.

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  • Forever 21 pulls young boys’ shirts lashed as sexist

    One of the questionable shirts. Forever 21 has once again ignited outrage on the internet because of its questionable T-shirt designs. Some people online are slamming the fast fashion brand for its line young boy graphic T-shirts that are perpetuating native gender stereotypes for phrases like “Ladies Man,” “Chicks Are All Over Me,” and “Sorry Ladies, I Only Date Models.

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  • Polaroid hopes its brand name attracts people to its new app, Swing

    Swing’s user interface. Polaroid, arguably the original Instagram, now has an app. The beleaguered brand took the wraps off a new app today called Swing, which lets users shoot a burst of images that are combined into a second-long video clip and is swipeable with their finger. Essentially, it’s one part Apple Live Photos meets Twitter’s swipeable GIFs with some filters thrown in.

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  • Snapchat’s new Memories section lets people save and share snaps

    Snapchat is an app built on sending fleeting photos, but now its latest tool is letting people hang on to them longer. The messaging app is rolling out “Memories,” a tool that lets users save snaps and their stories on Snapchat’s server instead of their camera roll. The saved snaps can be edited with stickers and filters and be shared again through their Story or in private messages.

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  • Popeyes broadcasts its first Facebook Live on National Fried Chicken Day

    Today is apparently National Fried Chicken Day so, naturally, Popeyes is making its first foray on Facebook Live this afternoon. The chicken chain is hosting a “Drive-Thru Bash” on its Facebook page two times today to celebrate the alleged holiday, complete with a set resembling a Popeyes’ drive-thru, a chirpy host asking viewers trivia questions for free food and a DJ.

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  • Twitter showcases live streaming capabilities with Wimbledon coverage

    Twitter is using Wimbledon to serve a first glimpse at what live streaming sports on the platform will look like. Today, it began broadcasting the ninth day of action from the courts outside of London for free. On desktop, the format is laid out with a high-quality live stream of the Wimbledon’s website feed, despite it displaying “Brought to you by ESPN” on the bottom.

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  • Sam Reich: College Humor’s head of video shares his big break

    This article is from Pulse, Digiday’s quarterly print magazine about the modernization of media. This is a peek at the second issue, which focuses on the current state of programmatic advertising — and how to fix ad tech. To receive the full 80-page issue and subscribe to a year of Pulse, visit

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  • Xbox avatars are getting a wheelchair option following suggestion from Twitter

    Not everyone can claim to feel represented by their Xbox avatar, but it’s getting a whole lot closer. Microsoft revealed that new wheelchair characters will soon be an option for Xbox Live following a user suggestion on Twitter. “Hey @XboxP3 I’m pretty serious– depending on how skeletons are done on avatars, wheelchairs might be relatively simple and the #rightthing,” someone asked.

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