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  • Things To Know Before Adding Affiliate Links To Your Website

    Most of us don’t start blogging with the goal of making money. It’s a chance to share your expertise, sharpen your skills, or build authority within your niche. But the hours of writing, editing, promotion, and website maintenance add up quickly. It’s normal to start wondering if it’s possible to cover your costs or even earn some extra money.

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  • Dark Social: Report on the Social Traffic Hiding from Google Analytics

    The first time I heard the term “dark social,” I immediately envisioned some wizard sitting cross-legged in a tapestry cloaked bedroom, surrounded by slow-burning candles, a cloud of incense smoke, with different sized crystals. It turns out dark social has nothing to do with magic, but it can cause a real headache for social media marketers trying to report on their hard work to clients.

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  • Why and How to Collect Emails Using Your Website

    As a small business owner, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate. And it’s not always easy to know where your time is best spent. This is especially true when it comes to marketing. With limited hours and endless options, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. It’s not easy to find your best return on investment, but here’s why email marketing is worthwhile.

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  • Google Search Analytics Reporting Tool Now Available in Raven

    It’s never easy to stay on top of Google’s algorithm changes. Luckily, Google Search Console (AKA Webmaster Tools) gives us a look at how they see our sites. As marketers, we need to see how users are finding and engaging with our sites through organic searches. And at Raven, we’re always looking for more ways to save you time.

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  • YouTube Monitoring Update For More Efficiency

    It’s no secret we’re big YouTube fans at Raven. For years, we’ve kept our channel freshly loaded with playlists of online trainings, tutorials, customer reviews, interviews and more. It’s become an integral part of our content marketing strategy, as well as a method for communicating with and educating our customers.

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  • Raven Inspired Playlist – Station Inn

    We take for granted our downtown Nashville office is mere steps from the legendary Station Inn. A fixture in the bluegrass community for 40 years, the humble sandstone building continues to hang on despite the transformed surrounding area of high-rise condos, boutique clothing stores, and upscale restaurants.

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  • The Secret Weapon in a Smart Marketer’s Arsenal

    It’s hard not to notice video’s growing importance as a tool in every smart marketer’s arsenal. This past fall, Facebook began urging publishers to upload video content directly to their platform, and these users have been enjoying the rewards of increased reach and engagement ever since. Last week, Twitter announced that users now have the ability to seamlessly capture, ed ...

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  • Raven Inspired Playlist – Girl Geek Dinner Nashville

    Several of us Ravenettes had the privilege of attending Girl Geek Dinner Nashville‘s first event of the year. Hosted by Digital Reasoning and Lipscomb University’s College of Computing and Technology, the night focused on ways we can create a better world with technology. Having hosted our own event in September, we’re incredibly proud of how much this organization has acco ...

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  • How Millennials Can Prove Their Social Media Skills

    As a young marketing professional, you’re probably hustling to impress your employers by sharing brilliant ideas, working hard to execute them, and proving your strategies convert. In an industry that’s changing incessantly, you’re faced with the challenge of proving yourself daily. It’s essential to stay on top of social media marketing and the latest trends or risk being left behind.

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  • Does Social Media Impact SEO?

    Ever since Matt Cutts, head honcho of Google’s Web spam team, announced one year ago this month that Facebook and Twitter signals are not part of the search engine’s ranking algorithm, digital marketers have publicly expressed a collective “WTF?” regarding social media’s impact on driving organic SEO.

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