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  • Best 2015 Tip: Maintain Client Lists and Details

    In the past few weeks, two things have happened that seem unrelated but lead me to one of the things I wish someone had told me almost 13 years ago: You should maintain a list of companies you have ever worked on, who you worked with, what actions were taken, and how they impacted the project/client.

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  • Replacing Links as a SEO Reporting Metric

    If you’re here to get mad at me for saying links don’t matter, let me make it clear, that’s not what I am suggesting. Links matter. Links are still important to domain strength, page strength, ranking and organic traffic. Cool? Cool. I have an issue with the number of links as a metric for campaign success.

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  • New Year Resolution: Crawl Quarterly

    In the new year, if you are in charge of clients, are in-house, or just in charge of a site of some kind, I implore you to set a new year’s resolution to crawl your site regularly. Most of the issues that I see with clients from a technical perspective can be solved with a regular crawl and time to fix the small issues that arise.

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  • How Do We Get Back to Honest Promotion?

    This is not my typical post. It’s not meant to teach you something, but it might. This is an honest request for feedback and discussion about digital promotion. I feel like we are between a rock and hard place when it comes to promotion. SEO, digital marketing, online marketing, and public relations; no matter your title, if you deal with getting attention for a company, pro ...

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  • Defining and Responding to Digital Relationships

    Understanding company relationships with stakeholders and building those relationships is part of the modern digital marketer’s job description. We talk about personas, using social media for conversations, but have you thought about the types of relationships you have with your stakeholders? This is all from an article in the Harvard Business Review called Unlock the Myste ...

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  • Content and SEO are Not Always the Answer

    There I said it. Attempting to overthrow the king. Game of Thrones style. Where is my Hound? Back in the olden days (aka 2005), I first came across a few sites that didn’t perform well with PPC. There just was no way to target the client’s market with PPC ads and the returns were just not there. The fact that PPC would not work for some people became a cornerstone when I talke ...

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