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  • How to Earn $250 Per Hour As a Freelance Writer

    How sweet it would be to earn $250 per hour — as a writer, no less. Sounds like a crazy dream, right? It’s kind of like your dream to win America’s Got Talent with your nose whistling routine: Fun to think about, but it ain’t gonna happen. Well, I’m going to risk your snorts of disbelief by telling you $250 per hour is the average rate I earn with any type of writin ...

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  • The Surprisingly Simple Secret to Knowing What Your Readers Want

    Does this sound familiar? You spend hours brainstorming irresistible topics for your blog – then the resulting posts get totally ignored. Another time, you throw out some random idea that popped into your head – and the comments go wild. Or how about this… You bust your butt creating an awesome freebie to attract email subscribers, but when you put it out into the world… crickets.

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