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  • 53 Untapped Ways to Boost Your Email Open Rates

    Email open rates represent the ultimate effectiveness of the emails you’re sending to your audience and your leads, and the better they are in composition, structure and spamming, the more you’re going to grow in a sustainable way. That’s why we’ve put together (probably) the largest list of hands on tips to help you nail email marketing and build a better strategy for your ROI.

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  • 102 Most Used Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

    It’s impossible not to be synced anymore. Everything is on cloud and the amount of information we come across every day is unprecedented. The difficulty of any digital marketer’s mission is not letting themselves be distracted by the connectivity and hyperlinking on the web. While we have never been more exposed to information, it’s now harder than ever to keep focused and pri ...

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  • Why Your Outreach Failed and Why I’ll Always Delete Your Emails

    There are many reasons why outreach emails get to be deleted directly without even being read. One of the reasons is that they are never read; not even by the person who wrote them. Therefore, when the sender is not even trying to be coherent or make any sense, why should I be the one trying to read its messages? Moreover, how can I not delete your emails if they bring me no added value? None.

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