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  • SEO for E-Commerce Websites

    When dealing with an e-commerce website, there are several things that you'll want to pay particularly close attention to in terms of SEO. Your Wordpress website is not going to have the same challenges as your IBM Websphere website. With e-commerce, you are dealing with a litany of areas where things can go wrong.

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  • 3 SEO Automation Solutions You Should Consider

    Good SEO help is hard to find and expensive to implement, between factors like time commitments, tools of the trade, content needs, and technical hurdles. And with so few marketers really understanding SEO, it's no wonder so many people seek out what they believe to be the easiest path. I'll be honest: for some companies, it's their only option.

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  • Technical SEO – It’s All About the Crawl

    For about as long as I’ve been in SEO (12+ years), I’ve witnessed many, many people laying claim to “doing SEO”. From designers, to content marketers, to PPC folks, to PR folks, to social media folks. Everyone wants to be in the game. That’s all well and good…these folks do have their place. But, with SEO, it all begins with “the crawl”.

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  • SEO Advice for the SMB

    Over the years, SEO has certainly not become "less complicated." No. In fact, it’s much more complex and – more than ever before – it involves the culmination of "building a brand online," as much as it does technical SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, usability/conversion rate optimization, PR/outreach/social promotion, and expert analytics/reporting.

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  • Understanding Value From SEO Efforts

    I hear this all the time from prospects…"How will I be able to measure success of an SEO effort?" Or otherwise, "How do you determine the value?" Back 10 years ago, we might show "success" based on a ranking report, or a list of things we’ve "done" as an agency. Today, it’s different (and better).

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  • SEO Is No One-Trick Pony

    This past week, I was joined by Josh McCoy of Vizion Interactive in presenting an SEO workshop for attendees of the Integrated Marketing Summit in Kansas City. The workshop was four hours and the presentation totaled just more than 100 slides. As you might imagine, there was a lot of stuff to talk about.

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