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  • Actionable AI: Data science meets social science

    Replaceable. How many of you hear that word in the back of your mind when you read the term “artificial intelligence,” in reference to the value you add to your organization? That hard knot in the back of your throat is recognition that we’re now entrenched in technology innovations that will shape our world — and jobs — forever.

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  • All-you-can-eat data deal coming to a programmatic market near you

    Earlier this year, I wrote about the emerging opportunity for brands to truly adopt personal marketing. I define personal marketing as the ability within a programmatic media-buying context to customize audience engagement at scale. Because paid media technology has matured to a point where marketers can truly establish meaningful relationships in real time based on a given ...

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  • The path to programmatic peace

    Programmatic advertising already accounts for nearly 60 percent of US digital display ad spending, according to a recent eMarketer report. Also notable is the quick growth of programmatic advertising in video and mobile. Yet some serious questions remain about just how mature the programmatic market is and what its ultimate growth potential is, due to a number of stubbornly t ...

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  • Will personal marketing become the new mantra for political campaigns?

    The current US presidential campaign has been one of the most fascinating and unusual episodes in electoral politics in a very long time, perhaps ever. It has clearly been the perfect storm of voter anger and frustration meeting up with two distinctly idiosyncratic candidates, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, who have cleverly tapped into the populist rage and desire for a g ...

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  • How live audiences in real-time marketing are key to programmatic success

    In the way that a lot people are freaked out about the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency, many in our industry are gnashing their teeth at the growing insurgency that is consumer ad blocking. In essence, just like many of the middle class in this country are shouting their frustration with the government through the vessel of the Trump campaign, people are revolting a ...

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  • The War On Bots: No Time For Doom & Gloom

    Last week, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and White Ops, a leading digital ad fraud detection and prevention service, put out its annual study on digital bot fraud, which estimated a $7.2 billion loss for advertisers. This report marked an increase from the duo’s 2015 report, which had pegged losses at $6.3 billion. Additionally, the IAB estimated $8.

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