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  • Content is Still SEO King

    When looking to build organic traffic, you need to have effective SEO so you rank well on the search engines and other traffic sources. This isn’t just the Google search engine either. Most traffic sources will use some type of “SEO” or related effort to determine what is shown to consumers looking to find information.

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  • Amazon to Introduce New Ad Products in 2018

    Throughout 2017 people have been talking about how Google & Facebook have a ‘duopoly’ on the digital ad industry, and that it would be very difficult for any company to step in and gain a significant market share. It seems that Amazon sees that as a challenge that they would like to take on. They have been talking about expanding their advertising products to include opti ...

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  • Survey Finds Social is Essential for Sales

    Social media has long been critical for driving traffic and brand building, but according to a new survey, it is leading to more sales than ever. Curalate completed their consumer survey titled, “Social Content is the New Storefront,” and put together some helpful information to guide marketers, especially during this upcoming holiday season.

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  • 4 New Functions Released to Google Analytics

    Analytics is one of the most important tools for most marketers, and the most common option for this is Google Analytics. This set of tools from Google has long been used by millions of people, and has been consistently improved over the years. In order to give a more user-focused set of information, Google is pushing out four new functions to this valuable resource.

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  • The Pope Hires an Online Marketing Firm

    When most people think about the Catholic Church, SEO and digital marketing might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Despite that, however, the Vatican has hired Accenture Interactive to come on as a strategic partner to help create a ‘new online identity.’ The Ministry of Communications of the Vatican has selected this agency because of their solid global experience ...

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  • Tune & Google Join Forces to Combat App Install Fraud

    TUNE, a mobile marketing measurement firm, has partnered with Google to work on combating the growing problem of mobile app ad fraud. Specifically, they are looking for ways to stop click injection fraud on Android devices. This type of fraud takes place when a bot or malware that is installed on a mobile device will attempt to steal the attribution credit granted for a click on an ad.

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  • Sponsored Content is Read More on Mobile

    New data that was recently published from Pressboard found that sponsored content is read longer by people who are on mobile devices. Those on a desktop look at content for an average of 71 seconds, but on a mobile device, that goes up to 79 seconds. While this isn’t a huge difference, it is just one more advantage of focusing on mobile traffic as a marketer.

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  • Woot: IAB Publishes New Transparency Guide

    The Interactive Advertising Bureau, or IAB, has released a new transparency guide, which is intended to help ad networks and others to better provide information on things like where ads will be published, where they come from, and more. This specific guide comes from the IAB’s European group, but has information that can be beneficial to anyone working with digital advertising.

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  • Toby Gabriner Named CEO of AdRoll

    AdRoll is a widely-adopted performance marketing platform, and has named a new CEO. The current CEO, who is also the co-founder of the company, Aaron Bell, is moving into the role of Chief Product Officer where he will oversee engineering, products, UX, data science, and supply. The new CEO is moving into the position from his previous role as President of the company.

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  • 10% of Facebook is Duplicate Accounts

    The third quarter earnings report that came out from Facebook last week had some great news for the company. Ad revenue was up, number of users were up, and the company is getting through the whole “Russia Fake News” issue without much of a problem at all. Despite what you’ll likely read most places, however, the news wasn’t entirely positive.

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