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  • Where to Add Campaign Tags: A Comprehensive Checklist

    Hopefully by now, if you work in marketing, you know that you need to be using campaign tags on all your marketing urls. They help us reduce dark traffic and provide insight into the value of all those wonderful marketing efforts. But even companies who are completely on the campaign tagging train, miss spots to put links.

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  • Data Studio Tips for Non-Designers

    Google Data Studio is a fantastic, free alternative to the Google Analytics Dashboards that are actually useful! One of the nicest things about Data Studio is the ability to customize the look and make visually appealing dashboards – which also can help with the absorption of information. But analysts aren’t graphic designers.

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  • How to Alter Your Campaign Values Using Google Tag Manager

    Campaign tagging is an important aspect of your analytics setup. It’s one of the critical elements in reducing your dark traffic. But sometimes, the tags on the url don’t pull into Google Analytics perfectly, and require a little finesse on the back end to populate your reports properly. For example: You want to promote a Facebook post that you previously tagged as unpromote ...

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  • Google Analytics: Filter Order Matters!

    When you set up new views and add your regular filters, chances are, things usually work exactly as expected. But occasionally, you’ve triple and quadruple checked each individual filter, yet the data is not coming in as expected (or isn’t coming in at all). Maybe it’s a typo? (Always get a second pair of eyes!) another frequent culprit is filter order.

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