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  • Sharpen Your Excel Skills with Lookups, Index, and Match

    Ah, vlookup…one of the fundamentals of any digital marketer’s Excel toolbox. As we all know, it’s great when it works, but it has pretty rigid limits. (If you’re new to this formula, then you might consider reviewing our beginner’s guide to vlookups here.)\ In this post, we’ll take a look at a few common modifications to the formula that can help out in search, as well as al ...

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  • Get your presentation started on the right foot

    Get your presentation started on the right foot Posted: 05.19.2016 Your first time presenting during a large meeting or QBR can be a bit daunting. One of the most important, and sometimes undervalued, aspects of nailing those presentations is to put energy into preparing a great introduction. This post will cover some of the most commonly overlooked best practices for ensuri ...

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  • Set Yourself Up for Success When Coaching Bad Habits

    Set Yourself Up for Success When Coaching Bad Habits Posted: 02.25.2016 One of the most challenging tasks that can come your way as a trainer is to coach someone while they are changing an engrained habit. This is especially true when the habit you’re trying to change isn’t necessarily bad, but just isn’t helpful and needs to be changed.

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  • 4 Tips for 5-Minute Training Sessions

    You’ve probably been in a situation where someone taps you on the shoulder and asks you to teach them something on the fly. You probably have less than 5 minutes and might be running late to a meeting, but whether you planned on it or not, you’re now in a situation where you have to run a mini-training session. Delivering an actual training experience under these circumstances is tough.

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  • Make Reports and Spreadsheets More Dynamic with Conditional Formatting

    Excel spreadsheets and reports can overwhelm users with a sea of data, but not if you know how to apply tricks and visuals with Conditional Formatting to call attention to the right numbers. In this post, we’ll walk you through some basics and some advanced techniques to help your reports pop. Conditional Formatting has default options that are functional and require almost no work to set up.

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  • Use Excel for proofreading and QA

    Finding errors while proof reading an Excel file can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Frequently it ends up being a task that doesn’t get completed on time (like writing a blog post for our editor, Jonathan) or doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. Less-experienced proofreaders will often resort to simply spot-checking a few important numbers to ensure that th ...

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  • Coding Beginner? Get Started with VBA Macros in Excel

    Note: This blog post covers basic VBA skills. An intermediate knowledge of Excel and a basic understanding of macros are both required prerequisites for getting the most out of this entry. Coding is a valuable skill that’s becoming a more prominent aspect of digital marketing. Not so long ago, the only syntax issues that a search marketer would have to understand would be Ad ...

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  • Getting Started with Pivot Tables: Avoid the Easy Mistakes

    Pivot tables provide fast access to data that can dramatically shorten the amount of time that you spend analyzing anything from account structure to campaign performance. Unfortunately for those who are just getting started with them, they can create problems and frustrations just as easily as they can eliminate them.

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  • How-To: Automatically Update Graphs in Excel

    Imagine if you could save yourself an hour a week (or maybe more) by automating the process of updating charts and graphs. Well…yup, you know where I’m going. There’s an Excel technique for that, so put your geeking cap on, and let’s get to it. The process that we are going to cover involves the application of several Excel formulas and functions.

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  • PPC Team Training

    It’s easy to forget about ourselves during a busy season. We’re inevitably putting tremendous amounts of time and energy into analyzing and optimizing our accounts, but we may or may not be able to invest the same level attention to our own development and maintenance. The exercises described below offer an opportunity to focus on and develop account management skills on your team.

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