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  • Expedia, eBay, Rap Genius… 6 Link Building Tactics To Be Afraid Of

    Link building is an effective SEO practice, but some tactics can be a little unsavoury. Google has recently amped up the fight against black-hat link building practices, doling out severe penalties to those who step out of line. Google takes a very strong stance on any kind of shady SEO activity. Strong penalties have been handed out to some of the world’s best known brands fo ...

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  • How To Recover From A Penguin Penalization

    By now, you’ve probably heard all about Google’s algorithms. If you’re not familiar with Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird (the algorithm’s cutesy code-names), be sure to read this excellent, in-depth guide. Google’s not-so-fluffy algorithms have been sending the SEO community into a spin since 2011, when the first (Panda) went live.

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  • 5 Small Business Tips On Social Media Optimization

    The notion of social media optimization was conceived in a blog in 2006 by Rohit Bhargava. This was before Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram and Google+ existed. And before Facebook launched the numerous features it now offers. And yet, it completely revolutionized the way marketers used social media.

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  • How Will Changing IP Addresses Impact SEO?

    Never has something so simple as a string of numbers inflicted as much fear and confusion as IP addresses. Add SEO complications into the mix and you’ve got some very frustrated webmasters. IP addresses are a little complicated – they’re hardworking things after all. But there’s no need to fear them.

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  • Why Having a Clean HTML Matters (W3C)

    Your website renders beautifully and your content is first class. That’s all that matters, right? Wrong! Any websites can look great in a browser, but when you look under the covers you might get a shock. This article discusses why clean markup is important and how it can benefit your website SEO, responsiveness and future extensibility of your website.

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  • Dublin Core In 2014: Should I Really Care About It?

    The Dublin Core metadata schema has been used since 1995 by businesses from a wide range of backgrounds to assist organisation and discovery of network resources. We have speak about how the Dublin Core can help SEO and usability. However, some people question the importance of maintaining metadata.

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  • How To Use CSS3 Media Queries To Create a Mobile Version of Your Website

    Creating fully responsive websites that display at their best across all browsers and mobile devices has been made simpler with CSS3 Media Queries. Media Queries allow a web designer to tailor content depending on the properties of the target output device, such as a smartphone or tablet. A web designer using Media Queries could choose to display content in a single column rat ...

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