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  • A Dozen+ Tactical Ad Strategies From Affiliate Summit Vegas 2017

    I’m going share actionable tips I learned from Affiliate Summit to write better ad copy, improve your conversion rate, scale on Facebook ads, and business meeting strategies (not your typical “networking” tips). ASW17 was at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. It’s great if you’re trying to find more ways improve your online ad campaign’s profits.

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  • The 2 tweaks that will make you dominate in any competitive market (Part 6)

    This is the LAST part in the series on how to overcome a saturated niche. You may read part one through five here. This post is theoretical with actionable tips (assuming you’ve read the first five posts in the series). For reference, these are the 5 approaches to dominate a market: Promise the benefit. Enlarge the claim. Mechanism/invention accomplishes goal.

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  • I stopped using the font, Georgia, and my conversion rate jumped up 23.6%

    I’ve seen numerous studies about how serif fonts (the ones with the little “tails”–like Georgia and Times New Roman) result in much better readership than sans serif (without the “tails”–like Arial and Verdana). And, I’ve seen studies state the exact opposite. This is important: when more people read your ad, it means more sales.

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