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  • Producer’s Pick: 5 Call to Action Podcast Episodes to Put in Your Queue

    Our five fav episodes of the Call to Action podcast — so you don’t have to sort through ’em all. Image via Shutterstock. Hey everyone! I’m Stephanie Saretsky, Unbounce’s Multimedia Producer. I’m also the host of the Call to Action podcast. It’s our weekly marketing podcast that has been running for just over a year and a half, and has featured some of the brightest minds in the marketing field.

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  • Julien Smith of Breather: I Was a Thought Leader Before a CEO [PODCAST]

    One of Breather’s many breath-taking spaces. Image via A lot of marketers become thought leaders by honing their skills in the trenches of their startup. Only once they’ve done their time and learned from their mistakes do they go on to secure speaking gigs and publish books. But Julien Smith has had a bit of an unconventional marketing career.

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  • How Unbounce’s Marketing Team Grew From 1 to 31 [PODCAST]

    Hey podcast listeners! You can listen to all previous episodes of the Call to Action podcast on our brand-spankin’ new episode hub here. Imagine being one of the only marketers on the team at a budding startup. You need to know the best practices for all sorts of campaigns: paid, content, social, email, partnerships… the list goes on.

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  • Dear Abby: I Need (Marketing) Relationship Advice [PODCAST]

    Image source. We all have that friend we go to when we need relationship advice. But it’s not always about heartache or that roommate who won’t do their dishes. Sometimes it’s your leads who are breaking your heart. You thought you made a great first impression, so why don’t they want a second date? When your lead gen opportunities are resulting in the marketing equivalent ...

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  • Lessons Learned from Year 1 of the Call to Action Podcast [PODCAST]

    Image by Morrowlight via Shutterstock. The first year of becoming a parent is a rollercoaster of emotions, from terror to pure joy and everything in between. You can’t sleep, you don’t have time to eat and you go from laughing to crying in mere seconds. But in the end it’s all worth it, because like every proud parent, your podcast’s achievements become your own. Nope, that wasn’t a typo.

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  • Beating Copywriter’s Block [PODCAST]

    Image source. We’ve all experienced that feeling of dread. You’ve got your pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), but your mind is as blank as your Google doc. And your landing page copy isn’t going to write itself. Before you throw up your arms and abandon your work, listen to the latest episode of the Call to Action podcast.

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  • Why Branding and PPC Go Together Like PB&J [PODCAST]

    If your brand voice and PPC ad copy don’t go together like peanut butter and jelly, your marketing dollars are going to waste. Image source. Branding and performance are typically seen as being on opposite ends of the marketing spectrum — the PPC specialists run their campaigns while the branding experts concern themselves with more high-level strategy.

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  • Product Marketing is the New Content Marketing [PODCAST]

    Are you serving up yummy, educational content or are you shoving your product down prospects’ throats? Image source. Your customers don’t care that you think your product is better than the competition. But they do care about consuming delightful, in-depth content that will make them better at their jobs… which raises the question: is it possible to educate your audience wit ...

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  • The 12 Best Marketing Podcasts to Subscribe to in 2016

    Image by Viktor Hanacek via picjumbo. So, the haze of the holidays is slowly wearing off, and you’re looking over the list of resolutions you made half-sober the night after your office Christmas party. If being a better marketer is on that list, then we have a quick and easy way to expand your marketing knowledge — for free! I’m talking marketing podcasts.

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  • [VIDEO] The Landing Page Sessions: Marketing Campaigns Deconstructed

    There are so many things to keep track of when designing a landing page. Is the goal clear? Is the page mobile responsive? Have you optimized the copywriting, testimonials, UX and design? How’s your attention ratio? With all that responsibility comes a lot on uncertainty. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sounding board? How about the guy who’s seen more landing pages than anyone ...

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  • Behind Every Click, There’s a Person [PODCAST]

    Image via Every marketer (and their mom) knows the importance of running campaigns that are data-driven. But if you’ve got your head down optimizing for conversions, you can become blinded by that data — and forget that behind every click, there’s a person. Creating better marketing experiences for the person behind the click was a recurring theme at MozCon 2 ...

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  • Joanna Wiebe on What Happens When Copywriters Get Lazy [PODCAST]

    If you want to write copy that converts, you can’t afford to be lazy. Image by Martie Swart via Flickr. Copywriters walk a fine line between adhering to best practices and thinking outside the box. On the one hand, you don’t want to mess with what works. On the other, you need to get adventurous if you’re going to stand out from the crowd — nothing kills conversions like lazy copywriting.

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  • The Power of Vulnerability in Copywriting [PODCAST]

    Embrace your vulnerability. Good copywriters aren’t afraid to put themselves out there. They write from the heart and let their true voice shine through in their work. But being authentic shouldn’t come at the expense of writing clear, helpful copy. So how do you make your boss and clients happy without sacrificing your voice? In this episode of the Call to Action podcast, ...

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  • Get More from Social by Doing Less [PODCAST]

    So many social networks, so little time. Image via Flickr. Facebook users react to and interact with content differently than Twitter users, and you won’t see results from your social media campaigns if you’re blanket publishing across all networks. But with all the social media platforms out there, it can be a real pain in the booty to tailor every piece of content to each specific network.

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  • The Dreaded AdWords Plateau and What You Can Do About It [PODCAST]

    Are your AdWords campaigns plateauing? Image via Flickr. Have you ever run a PPC campaign that was working pretty well, but never seemed to get to the next level? You may have experienced what PPC insiders call the “AdWords Plateau,” the point where your campaigns are maintaining their value, but are no longer driving the kind of growth you need.

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  • The 5 Skills Every Content Marketer Must Have [PODCAST]

    Image source. Jobs in print media may be drying up, but content marketing has created thousands of jobs for writers. On this new playing field, what exactly does it take to set yourself apart from the army of other content marketers? According to Demian Farnworth of Copyblogger, it takes great determination, a healthy dose of usability knowledge… …and a whole lot of caffeine.

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  • Are You Making Any of These Landing Page Mistakes? [PODCAST]

    Everybody makes mistakes, but only a select few try to fix them. Image via Flickr. Ever stumble around searching for your glasses, only to discover two minutes later that they’re right there on your nose? Sometimes we get so close to something that we lose sight of the obvious. And that’s exactly what this episode of the Call to Action podcast is about.

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  • How One Agency Drove 200% More Sales with Their Facebook Ads [PODCAST]

    Image source. For many, Facebook advertising is an untamable beast. Not only is it super competitive and constantly evolving, but it can also be flat our intimidating. With all those switches and levers, it can be hard to laser in on the tactics you need to optimize your advertising campaigns. But in this episode of the Call to Action podcast, we’ll deconstruct a proven str ...

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