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  • 📓 Case Study: Intellitonic Found Raven Tools Worked from the Start

    Intellitonic’s 3 principal members had extensive experience with marketing reporting tools when they formed in 2016. That experience led them straight to Raven Tools for even their earliest reports where they brought together marketing data from many different sources with insightful annotations and ideas for continuous improvements.

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  • Case Study: Two Wheels Marketing Saves Time and Effort with Raven Tools

    Two Wheels Marketing has used Raven Tools since 2010 through a couple version of the Raven reports, changes in available metrics, and also through their own internal changes in focus. Company Two Wheels Marketing is a boutique digital marketing agency based in Columbus, Ohio. They focus primarily on SEO, PPC, and social media marketing for local and national brands with results ...

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  • Video Series: The Ups and Downs of Building an SEO Product from Scratch

    You may have noticed we’re launching a completely new product. Over the last several months Raven co-founder Jon Henshaw has been pointing the camera at our process. Here’s the story of launching our free, standalone Site Auditor tool product from scratch. Product Launch 1. Introduction 2. Why? 3. Software Engineer Status Update 4. Picking the Best Technology 5. The In Between Time 6.

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  • Marketing: Hire a Freelancer, an Agency, or Do It Yourself?

    Marketing. Everyone knows they have to do it, but how? There are great stories about DIYers who started with nothing but an idea and built a business from Facebook up, but is that feasible for everyone? Hardly. A good marketing plan takes time, money, expertise, and sometimes the humility to say, “I can’t do this for myself; I must outsource!” So how do you know when to DIY an ...

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