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  • Email Deliverability Requires New Solutions To Old Problems In 2016

    No matter how perfectly designed your email is, if doesn’t land in the inbox, your customers won’t engage with it. This unfortunate truth was the fate of one out of every five promotional emails sent last year, as global deliverability declined to 79 percent. While the problem of reaching the inbox is old, the good news is that marketers have many new ways to keep their emai ...

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  • How Email Marketers Can Make The Most Of Gmail Postmaster Tools

    Last month, Google made a major announcement about the introduction of Postmaster Tools that should have most email marketers rejoicing. Similar to’s Smart Network Data Services (SNDS), Postmaster Tools by Gmail provides data for email marketers to analyze the performance of their email marketing efforts that, in turn, provide further clarity on issues that are p ...

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  • Email Frequency Matters For Path To The White House

    In my last column, I discussed the importance of list size and deliverability and how that impacts reach and engagement. The other important component in this equation is frequency and cadence, and is one of many factors that the Obama campaign tested during his re-election campaign to drive $500 million in donations.

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  • What’s Inside Consumers’ Inboxes & What That Means For Email Marketing

    Ray Tomlinson sent the very first email in 1971 with a simple test message that said, “QWERTYUIOP.” Email has gone through many transformations since then, from a tool for researchers to communicate to a cheap and fast way for friends and family to correspond. Today, email is still used to send messages to friends and family, but it has evolved into a primary marketing channel.

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  • How Email Marketers Can Prepare For Inbox By Google

    In late 2014, Google announced “Inbox by Google,” update to the nearly ten-year-old Gmail interface that is essentially a re-imagined email client for Gmail, but focused on helping people manage their busy lives. The effort takes the best ideas from products like Google Now and Gmail as well as from upstart email apps like Mailbox.

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  • The Email Year In Review: Data, Data Breaches & Multi-Screen Consumers

    This past year has seen a lot of activity in the email landscape. The biggest influencer was Google, which launched new products to offer a more personal email system for its customers and to take advantage of its wealth of data. E-marketers and mailbox providers are not the only ones taking advantage of email this year; scammers have also found email to be a great revenue opportunity.

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  • Why Reputation Matters In Email Marketing & How You Can Change Yours

    When is the last time you cursed the amount of spam reaching your personal inbox? If you are using one of the major webmail providers (Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or, it’s likely been a very long time. Over the years, email providers have gotten pretty sophisticated with their email filtering, moving away from filtering spam based on content rules and keywords, to looki ...

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  • Email Marketers: Take Your List And Check It Twice

    The winter holidays are a few weeks away, but as most marketers know, now is the time to finalize the detail work to optimize your holiday campaigns. But before your team begins brainstorming the best holiday pun subject lines, please take a second look at your list. It may not be the most fun part of holiday planning, but it can ensure that your creative efforts make it to ...

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  • Study: Email Deliverability Not Getting Any Easier

    According to the latest deliverability benchmark report from Return Path, my employer, one in six emails never reaches its intended recipient, either being delivered to spam or outright blocked. Over the years, this rate has remained relatively consistent, plus or minus a few percentage points. The reasons for these low rates of deliverability are the same as they have been ...

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  • Pre-Holiday Email Frequency: Too Much Or Too Little?

    Customers will always be more forgiving of promotional messages when they're in the mood to shop, especially when it comes to their favorite brands. The Christmas season causes bulging inboxes for most, but does the increase in email turn customers off? If so, what does that mean for email reputation and deliverability? To compare email programs, we examined the engagement ...

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  • Email Deliverability: 4 Horrible Myths On The Rise

    As email deliverability continues to evolve, the myths surrounding it continue to persist: confusing "delivered" with "inbox placement," insisting that the best time to send is at 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday, and avoiding the word "free" in all caps are oldies, but still goodies. Here are some other myths I hear more and more today.

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  • How Blacklists Ruin Christmas For Email Marketers

    A blacklist is a way of blocking IP addresses or domains of email servers sending out identified spam. Once a spam source has been identified, the blacklist owner will place the domain and/or IP address onto a list so that anyone can query it and block these spam sources, whether you're an email provider like Gmail or someone running your own business.

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  • Email Win-Back Programs: Do They Work?

    For any marketer, not just email marketers, retaining customers is an important yet challenging task. Inactive subscribers present two problems to email marketers: one is obviously the lack of conversions or purchases that are the lifeblood of businesses; the other is reduced deliverability. As spam filters rely more and more on subscriber engagement, having a high number of ...

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