Tom Webster

  • Why Your Mobile Strategy Doesn’t Start With the Phone

    Image via It’s a bit of an exaggeration to say that a mobile strategy isn’t about the phone, but at the very least, it shouldn’t start with the phone. After all, if you were to read this post five years ago, chances are you wouldn’t have been reading it on the same device (or even brand of device) that you are using now.

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  • Is Inbound Marketing Actually Profitable or Just a Slogan

    Yesterday, HubSpot, the creator of the term “Inbound Marketing,” filed for an IPO. When a company files for an IPO, they submit what is called an “S-1,” which provides financial information for prospective investors. It was our first detailed look into the financial health of HubSpot, and after reading it pretty carefully, I am left with a provocative question. Maybe you will be, too.

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