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  • Best Affiliate Plugins For Your WordPress Website

    Affiliates are a great way to drive traffic to your website, increase sales, and exposure. Having multiple affiliates can help a business grow faster, but is also difficult to manage and track. Each new affiliate means new links, traffic, and sales from your website, all of which need to be accounted for and can be time consuming to track manually.

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  • Landing Page 101: How to Make Your Best Landing Page, Yet

    Whether you’ve created a hundred landing pages or don’t know how to create your first, there is always room for improvement (and conversions) with landing pages. Especially since only 2​2% of businesses​ are actually satisfied with their conversion rates.​ More often than not, businesses are missing out on potential conversions because of poorly thought out layouts or misleading headlines.

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  • 10 Ways to Truly Make Money Online

    Making money online is a lot like learning to cook. I was craving Korean BBQ, but the restaurant I loved was closed. Instead of just sitting there wanting the delicious Bibimbap rice bowl they make; I went online and found a recipe that seemed doable. I eventually learned how to make almost the exact recipe as the restaurant (after failing miserably a few times), and once I bu ...

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  • How Is Machine Learning Shaping the Future of SEO?

    SEO has always been an area of constant change. From its inception in the early 2000s when webmasters started figuring out they could manipulate results to today’s era of content and user experience prioritization, it’s commonly accepted that a new update or new technology could force a major change to your strategy—at virtually any time.

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  • Social Media Best Practices Part 2: Rules to Live By

    In Part 1 of Social Media Best Practices, we reviewed different tactics and tips to improve business accounts for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Part 2 of this series covers rules everyone and anyone who manages social media accounts should live by. Long gone are the days of publishing unorganized content and hoping for the best on social media accounts.

    AuthorityLabsin Social- 20 readers -
  • Social Media Best Practices Part 1: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

    Social media has become a staple for branding and growing businesses. With 3 billion internet users, and 2.1 of those billion users using social media accounts, businesses have the capability to reach their demographic, and more, with a simple Tweet. Once upon a time, social networking was something smaller and was conducted between friends, family, and strangers.

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  • Marketing Made Sexy: How to Market a Boring Industry

    Some brands can be more appealing to market for than others. This isn’t always the business’ fault, as it is the industry they’re in. With the right attitude and knowledge, any industry can quickly be marketed as “sexy” and have the appeal needed to attract the right demographic. Apple is a great example of a company who came from a “not so exciting” industry and made their br ...

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  • Twitter Advertising 101: How and Why to Advertise on Twitter

    Are you an active Twitter user? If so, you’ve probably noticed a few posts a day labeled “Promoted”. These are Twitter’s advertised Tweets and are advertised by 100,000 different profiles. With that low of an amount of advertisers on Twitter, this social network makes for a much less competitive place to advertise on with over 307 million active monthly users.

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  • Facebook Launches a Sports Stadium For Users Just in Time For the Big Game

    On January 21, Facebook released their new real-time place for Facebook users to experience sports in real-time. Similar to hashtags on Twitter, this new place is dedicated strictly to trending sports topics and shares new posts immediately. It is a hub for sports fans to discuss anything and everything sports-related, as well as talk as much trash on each other’s teams, in ...

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  • Grow Your Email List With These 9 Tips

    Each morning as we sip our coffee we sift through our inbox. It used to be the newspaper, but now we’re prone to everything digital and with the help of mobile we can literally check our email from anywhere. Having that capability is reason alone to want to grow email subscribers and reach a larger audience through email marketing.

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