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  • Twitter Turns 10: Reflections and Learnings from 10 Years of Twitter

    On March 21st, 2006, Jack Dorsey set up his twttr. What followed over the past 10 years, as Twitter has evolved has undoubtedly changed the way we communicate, and in some ways changed the world. just setting up my twttr — Jack (@jack) 21 March 2006 From the Hudson River plane crash, and Obama’s four more years to #BlackLivesMatter and JeSuisCharlie.

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  • Making Waves: A Guide to Getting Started With Social Audio on Anchor

    Social media has evolved to become inherently visual, with text, video, and photos dominating on almost every platform. Sharing a great looking photo on Instagram is quick and easy, as is sharing a video to Facebook, but until now, creating and sharing audio content has been very difficult. Anchor is looking to change that.

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  • Our Favorite Facebook Tool + 16 Amazing Pages That We Draw Inspiration From Every Day

    The truth is, there’s so much to do on social media that, as a social media manager, I have to choose my battles wisely when it comes to steering my time and deciding which creative strategies to pursue. Luckily, there are an unlimited amount of resources out there to help social media marketers like us to decide which strategies will provide the biggest payoff when it comes t ...

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  • How to Build Social Media Into Your Sales Funnel

    How great would it be if customers showed up in your store or on your website with a sandwich board on their shoulders, advertising their level of interest in what you have to offer. “I’m keen to buy now!” “I’m in research mode.” “I’m totally just browsing.” Well it might not be a sandwich board, but there are some ways get a good sense for this buyer intent.

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  • How the Pros Get Leads from Social Media

    I’ll sometimes find myself inspired by how jampacked and successful some people seem to be on social media, and I can’t help but thinking: What’s their secret? How’d they get so many leads and how can I do things exactly the same way? Well, thank you, Internet! Turns out the majority of these secrets are sitting out there in blog posts and email newsletters and everywhere else that these gene.

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  • 7 Powerful Social Media Experiments That Grew Our Traffic by 241% in 8 Months

    If you’ve asked this before… “How can we get more visitors to our website?” … You’re certainly not alone, as increasing traffic is often the number one problem faced by marketers today. The bad news? Saying “get more traffic” is easier said than done. You could write guest posts (Leo wrote 150 articles in 9 months when Buffer first launched), optimize for SEO traffic, or dri ...

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  • 47 Amazingly Talented Artists and Designers to Follow on Instagram

    There you are, hunched over your laptop trying with all your might to write a catchy headline or design an engaging graphic…and you’re feeling stuck. We’ve all been there. And the truth is, more often than not, it takes a lot of effort to be creative and come up with something truly unique and eye-catching.

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  • The Always-Updated Guide to Social Media Logos

    Keeping up to date with the latest social media logos can be a challenge. And even once you’ve found the correct logos it can also take some time to understand the brand guidelines: How much spacing should be around the logo? What colors should I use? What size should be it be? etc, To help you save time, we put together this resource to keep you updated on the latest ...

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  • The 6 Step Playbook for Handling Social Media Complaints

    Dealing with complainers and haters in social media can, of course, be tricky. What you need is a framework for how to do it right. This is that framework: F-E-A-R-S: You may notice that I didn’t include “be fast” as a specific component. This is because it is axiomatic. Today, nearly 40% of all social media complainers who expect a response, expect that response to arrive ...

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  • Google Debuts a New Way to Share Content In Search

    Google has started to experiment with an entirely new, almost Twitter-like format of search results. These results could eventually allow any celebrity or business have a one-way content feed built directly into Google Search results. The new results, which have been rolled out for US presidential candidates and selected small businesses, feel like stripped out versions of Goo ...

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