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  • Cyber Experts Predict an Attack Worth Billions of Dollars Coming by 2025

    What if the Home Depot, Target and State Department attacks were just warm-ups? Turns out a recent Pew Research survey says more than 61% of cyber experts predict an attack worth billions of dollars by 2025. Think hundreds of millions of credit cards, or perhaps a significant shutdown of US electric infrastructure. The potentials are as multiple as they are scary.

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  • TV Ad Revenue Down Again, Dollars Flow Online

    Reporting on obvious trends sometimes seems too easy. As we have been reporting for some time, more and more advertising dollars flow online from TV. The latest news out last week is the trend continues. Ad buyers and media analysts are both reporting that there was no upturn in TV ad spending in Q3 2014, even in light of the new television season and political advertising.

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  • How Confident are You in Measuring Mobile Ad RoI?

    As data about 2014 budgets start to appear, it is clear nearly all marketers increased their spending on mobile ads. Forrester Research claimed in a June study that the number of organizations with increased spending on mobile was 93% worldwide. Personally, I double a number that quite that large, but the trend is clear. To quote The Who, we’re all “Going mobile”.

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  • Will Advertising Ultimately Drive Net Neutrality?

    The FCC is actively considering new regulations to oversee the Internet and ensure access to services remain “fair and competitive” to consumers. So far, the discussion has centered on access to content, but what if the real battleground is ads. Will advertising ultimately drive net neutrality? Many internet companies, including Google, Facebook and most mobile apps provide se ...

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  • Political Advertising: Targeting Voters Far Outstrips the Message

    If you consumed any media in the last week, you noticed the overwhelming barrage of political ads. Many of the campaigns set records for spending, and experts estimate that over $4B was spent in this year’s midterms. TV and radio stations loved the burst of income, even if it made their platforms intolerable. Social media and other forms of narrowcasting were also effected.

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  • Facebook: Corporations Must Pay

    Good news, bad news from Facebook. Corporations will no longer be able to leverage Facebook pages into free corporate promotional ads in your news feed. But that won’t lead to more news and fewer ads in your newsfeed. But going forward, corporations must pay starting in January. The announcement was made late last week, with the goal to make the news feed more “personal, relevant and useful.

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  • Bricks for Clicks? – Malls Become Data Centers

    Much has been written about retail moving from the physical space of “bricks” to the virtual space of “clicks”. But now more than just consumers are making the shift. Except this time it’s bricks for clicks, as malls become data centers. Across the country, empty retail and mall space is being repurposed as the home of computer servers – from Sears to Data Centers so to speak.

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  • Data Mining Selfies Has Become a Lucrative Marketing Effort

    The shot of you and your BFF at the ball game was fun. You and your kids at the company picnic. And who wouldn’t love to see all of your bicycle club at the finish of the Century Race? While seemingly harmless, each of these photos is likely building the database on you, as data mining selfies has now become a lucrative marketing effort.

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  • Are You a Technology Bubble Boy?

    When Jerry Seinfeld built his classic episode around the Bubble Boy, he created a picture of a foul-tempered kid locked away inside a plastic environment. While some, including his parents, wanted him to interact with people, his time with George and Jerry proved he was better left alone. I mention this, because recent data appears to show that many an online user is a technology bubble boy.

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  • Video Connects with B2B Executives

    How does your company get to the person in the corner cubicle? That seems to be the magic question for a lot of B2B marketing people, as the order comes from on high to deliver the message and gain leads a bit higher up the management food chain. Well, new research shows that video connects with B2B Executives.

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  • Welcome Soltra Edge – CyberSecurity for Banking

    A key theme for the last six months has been the increasing number of cyber attacks and breaches occurring with credit cards and financial services companies. For all the benefit of moving our purchasing online, hackers are creating concerns and fear that could serious damage the industry. So into this breach, (pun intended), welcome Soltra Edge.

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  • Thanksgiving Turkey Tips

    In honor of Thanksgiving cooks in the US this week, here are Thanksgiving Turkey Tips from the California Poultry Federation. Happy turkey day! MODESTO, Calif., Nov. 2014 — Whether it be surfing the Web or dialing a toll-free phone number, California consumers will have plenty of help this holiday season in preparing the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

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  • Small Business Buyers Demand Reviews

    If you are a B2B marketer trying to win small business buyers, how do you cut through the clutter of other marketing mediums and messages? It turns out, small business buyers demand reviews – third party voices that reduces their risk. A September 2014 study by The Alternative Board reports nearly half of small businesses worldwide said that when making a major purchasing deci ...

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