• 3 #GivingTuesday Emails Guaranteed to Get You Gifts

    … #GivingTuesday is right on the heels of major retail holidays like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. It’s the perfect time for your supporters to take a break from the hustle of holiday shopping and embrace the spirit of giving. How can your organization get gifts this #GivingTuesday? Send a timely email to remind your…

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  • Using Marketing Analytics to Win at Email Marketing

    You might be part of the group of marketers that feel as though your email campaigns are missing something. Only, you’re not sure what they’re missing. You’ve reversed engineered your competitor’s email campaigns to see what they’re doing, but the truth of the matter is, you will never know the strategy behind their success because you don’t have access to their analytics.

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  • 7 Common Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

    … There’s no denying it. With most email users using automated spam filters and emails getting sent directly into Gmail’s Promotions folder, the deliverability and readability of marketing emails has dropped drastically. Does this mean that email marketing is losing its edge as the most efficient B2B marketing strategy? No! In the B2B space…

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  • 5 Tips to Help You Consume Content More Productively

    … more productive to focus on content topics that will help you reach your blogging goal(s) for the year. For example, if your goal is to increase newsletter subscribers then subscribing to podcasts and blogs that share content on this topic would be beneficial, as would reading books or listening to audiobooks that share list-building strategies…

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  • An easy way to collect email IDs from websites

    … Original source: An easy way to collect email IDs from websites via DailySEOblog. If you’re running a lead generation offer on your website, then collecting emails is a necessity. Of course, there are different options to get email ids, popups, screen take overs etc. But admit it, most of them are annoying to users. The reason, they are mostly…

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  • Why you need Outbound for Inbound Marketing!

    … is Inbound and Outbound Marketing? Inbound marketing is when you attract an audience to you. For example, you create great content on your website and you end up getting visitors from social media, Google etc. When they see the value of the content they buy your products or services or maybe sign up to an email list. With outbound marketing…

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  • [Webinar] How to Scale Your Creativity and Send Hyper-Personalized Emails

    As marketers, we all know the power of personalization. And we want to do more. In a Forrester survey, 68% of firms said that delivering personalized experiences is a priority. That stat shouldn’t surprise any of us. When you think about the experience of personalization, it’s easy to see why we’re so crazy about it.

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  • 29 FinCon Financial Bloggers and Entrepreneurs You Need to Follow

    Attending conferences and events in your area is one of the best ways to get ahead. Heck, even if they aren’t in your area, they are well worth the trip or flight to get there! With so many different events taking place at different locations and times across the world, this is now easier than ever. That’s exactly what is going to be taking place this week at FinCon 17 in Dallas Texas.

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  • 5 Tips for Collecting Data for Your Email Marketing (Without Being Creepy)

    Customer data is the lifeblood of successful email marketing. It’s “the key to sending relevant and timely emails, through segmentation, personalization, and automation,” writes Andrew King, at Campaign Monitor. But customer data can be challenging to come by – and for good reason. Information — including email addresses, income, and demographic data – is a valuable commodity ...

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  • Effective Email Marketing Practices for 2018

    Email marketing has been one of the most common means of online marketing for quite some time now. However, just because it has been popular for years doesn’t mean that it is not changing. On the contrary, it is changing a lot. Practices that worked like a charm a few years ago are now outdated. New ways of doing email marketing are taking over.

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