• AdWords Express helps small businesses grow online in 14 new countries

    AdWords Express was created in 2011 to make advertising on Google accessible to businesses owners without advanced online advertising skills or the resources to hire an expert. AdWords Express has since expanded and, as of this month, is available in 14 new countries and 10 new languages. This expansion follows a recent launch that allows your business to prioritize ad goals, ...

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  • Microsoft Windows 10 PCs – Analyse A Real PPC Campaign

    The last PPC campaign I analysed in the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series was from Festive Lights, who had interestingly two search adverts for the same keyword, which is a very clever way of increasing the CTR to a specific landing page without drastically increasing the cost (although the CPC will increase slightly as only one advert can ever be clicked on at a time).

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  • The Paid Media Cube: A Framework to Clarify and Communicate Your PPC Strategy

    … and all stakeholders to prove confidence and good understanding. Because—no matter how complex your plan— stakeholders on your team should ideally understand how you’re defining success, and how to support you in execution. Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media agrees: “Clarity is key. Keep [your paid strategy] simple and explicit. If there’s anything…

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  • How to Make (Real, Mobile) Call-Only Ads on Bing

    For many local businesses (particularly those using PPC to drive leads instead of online sales) a phone call can be more valuable than an on-site conversion. While having a prospect complete a form fill on a landing page certainly doesn’t hurt, it simply cannot compare to the immediacy of them picking up a phone and speaking to a potential problem solver instantly.

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  • A 180 of Google Analytics 360

    A perk of most paid search management platforms is the level of data we are able to obtain without having to go far. As an individual that has focused on a variety of marketing efforts, spanning from paid and organic to print and media, I’ve spent my fair share of time poking around in analytics platforms.

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  • Life Event Targeting Now Available To All AdWords Advertisers

    Life Event targeting, released earlier this year, is now available to all AdWords advertisers! In case you haven’t heard about it, life event targeting allows you to target users around major life events. The life events include graduating college, moving, and getting married. With the targeting, you can pinpoint users before or after the event to maximize the efficiency of your targeting.

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  • It’s Not a Circus, it’s an Excel Extravaganza!

    Are you ready for a week that’s Excel everything??? This week, we’re celebrating the program that is the peanut butter to grape jelly, the cheese to macaroni, and the…ok, you get it Excel is an essential tool in any PPC marketer’s life and since we live and breathe PPC, we’re doing a week focused on the tools and functions available in Excel that can make your life easier and more efficient.

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  • What is an AdWords Quality Score and how can you improve yours?

    If you’re trying to master PPC, you need a firm understanding of your AdWords Quality Score. Your Quality Score in AdWords plays a significant role in determining the cost, effectiveness and success of your PPC campaigns. But what is it, and how can you improve yours? What is a Quality Score? Quality Score is essentially what it says on the tin: Google’s own rating of your ad ...

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