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  • How to Keep Social Stats Updated For Your Website

    Part of what makes online marketing so attractive to brands and businesses is the fact that you can measure practically everything you do. For some, the goal is as simple as measuring traffic and conversions. For others, ROI is more complex and comes in the form of, for example, cost savings from using Twitter to handle customer service issues rather than over the phone.

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  • Better URL Level Reporting With Google Tag Manager

    … ...When you Can't Even use a DataLayer! Have you ever needed to change the URL of your pages tracked by Google Analytics, so you can better understand how your content is performing? For example, sometimes your site may have been built so that all of your product pages or blog posts are directly on the root of your domain, instead of being…

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  • Make The Most Of Site Analytics With These Tools

    …, location, and language of your visitors will help you identify with your target market, and then create content, products, or promotions accordingly. 10. Site analytics will help you determine the ROI of your marketing campaigns, and concentrate on the right ones. It can also help you make the most of advance advertising methods like Retargeting…

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  • How to Track Empty Search Results in Google Tag Manager

    … they do a search. Ever wanted to know what those searches are?? Google Analytics has the great "Site Search" feature which you absolutely should be using on your site. But this feature won't easily tell you which search terms returned 0 results. Time for a Case Study! We had a client ask us to set this up for them recently, and to make it more fun…

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  • 3 Simple Ideas to Refresh Your Analytics

    …, it can be a new insight and let you consider whether you want to launch display or PPC campaigns to change the traffic mix. Find the data in your Demographics/Geography settings. The Canadian provincial breakdowns on % population are below, along with some sample data of website traffic taken from the Geography tab Population %Paid %Organic Ontario 39…

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  • How to See If Your Blog is Converting

    … Sernicola .Get Blog Conversion Data from Google Analytics . Luckily, Google Analytics (GA) can tell you if your blog is helping, or not helping your business. And, we've made it easy for you, so you only need to import what you need from this post. More on that later… Many of our clients blog on a regular basis. And it's interesting to be able…

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  • Google's Test to Target Users with Ads across Mobile and Apps

    Google is upping its game yet again. AdAge reported Google approached a number of ad tech firms to develop a strategy to test new ad-targeting technology that will combine mobile web search and mobile apps. Searching for apps instead of browsing the web is not necessarily new for end-users. Numerous users report using app stores in lieu of mobile search due to personal preference.

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  • GA Dashboards: The End to Making Bad Marketing Decisions

    … on IBM's Global CMO Survey, 94% of CMOs plan to use Predictive Analytics within the next 3-5 years…. Compared to just 66% in 2011. We don't need to be actuaries, but we need to at least know the definition of Predictive Analytics and not shudder at the thought of it. Whether you're an agency like ourselves or you're client side, there is absolutely…

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  • Starting With Hootsuite's Analytics

    … of the ability to link from 3 (free), 50 (Pro), or unlimited (Enterprise) accounts Hootsuite can also make stat graphs. Supported Social Networks Hootsuite comes with a number of standard reports covering such important topics as how have your followers changed on Twitter and what would your Facebook analytics look like should you log in yourself. Where…

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