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    • Seven Types of Product You Could Sell From Your Blog

      It took me nearly seven years of blogging to create my first products: two ebooks, one for ProBlogger and one of Digital Photography School. They made me a total of over $160,000 in 2009 alone and changed my business. Back in 2014, I wrote about the experience … and how it nearly never happened: My big issue was a severe lack of time.

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    • 9 Key Ingredients for Creating the Perfect Sales Page

      If you’ve created one of these 7 types of products to sell on your blog, or you’re going to start offering a service to your readers, then you need a sales page. The sales page is (not surprisingly) a page on your blog that’s all about your product or service. You can link to it in the navigation menu, from an ad on your sidebar, from your social media accounts, and from guest posts.

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  • One Screenshot You Must Include When Pitching a Sponsored Post

    … If you’re familiar with sponsored content as an income stream, chances are you’ve been asked for a media kit or a proposal to do a sponsored post. Unfortunately, the world of sponsored post rates and assessing the value of your site is a bit like the wild, wild west. It can be daunting putting together a media kit, especially when you don’t have…

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  • How to get Your First Podcast Sponsorship

    … This is a post from ProBlogger podcasting expert, Colin Gray. Advertising is a sensitive subject for a lot of people. It’s a step into the ‘money stuff’, into earning cash from your loyal audience, and it can feel like sullying your beautifully crafted content. Who enjoys the sight of a banner ad sticking out like a sore thumb, after all…

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  • Community Discussion: Should Bloggers Ask For Donations?

    …’ or an enforced paywall per piece of content. Would this work for you? At ProBlogger, we occasionally run blogging events and often receive feedback from attendees that we should charge more given the value of these events. We noticed that the event ticketing system Eventbrite now also offers a ‘donate’ option alongside its free or paid ticketing…

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  • 3 Ways to Make More Affiliate Income as Bloggers

    …, choose a trusted affiliate program that you already know and love. If you promote it properly, you’ll find that you can create a long-term source of residual income. This article will focus on how to make more money blogging via affiliate marketing. 1. Pick the right niche and products to promote There are two key elements to making good money from…

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  • 198: 6 First Income Streams Recommended for Bloggers

    … about your first dollar, how you made that first dollar, and what you would do differently if you’re starting out again today. Thanks for listening today. I’ll be back with you next week to talk about another cool tool that’s going to help you in your blogging. Thanks for listening. Chat with you soon. How did you go with today’s episode? Enjoy…

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  • A Practical Look at Turning Your Blog into a Functioning Business

    … Following last week’s post on treating your blog like a business, this guest post from Anna Johansson provides some practical ways you can start turning your blog into a business. In many cases, blogging starts out as a hobby or creative outlet for someone looking to have a little fun writing about a topic that interests them. But at some…

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  • Want Better Results? Treat Your Blog Like an Actual Business

    … This is a guest contribution from Larry Alton. There are millions of blogs on the internet. Some are nothing more than creative outlets for people who are interested in hobby blogging. Others are successful brands that produce millions of dollars in revenue each year. If you want your blog to be successful, you have to stop treating it like…

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  • The 9 Conversion Habits of the World’s Most Successful Bloggers

    …. 4. They use overlays to capture additional emails Email is the foundation of blogging success. Which is why bloggers keep coming up with innovative ways to capture more and more emails. One such technique is called ‘welcome mats’. Welcome mat displays a full-screen call to action that shows when visitors land on your website. For example…

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  • How To Get Started With Free Travel When Your Blog is Brand New

    … This is a guest contribution from Dan Bagby of Honeymoon Always. Many travel bloggers start blogging with dreams of getting free travel around the world. Last year, I set out with the goal to see what it would take to make that a reality – and I was surprised at how little time it took to get upgrades and “freebies” in exchange for coverage…

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  • 7 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

    … Everybody makes mistakes. This is something that can’t be avoided all of the time. In fact, some of those errors can turn into some of your greatest learning experiences. However, one of the best ways to save time and money in your blogging is to learn from the mistakes of others. If you do that – and avoid those same pitfalls yourself – you…

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  • 6 Highly Effective Ways to Collect Leads Via Your Blog

    … and a new wave of bloggers began to shape what has now become a billion-dollar industry. Instead of blogging simply to have some fun or blow off steam, blogging is what people and businesses do to generate revenue – both directly and indirectly. To use a business term, blogging has become a key source for lead generation. That begs the question…

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  • The 3 Biggest Mistakes I Made Starting My Online Business

    … Setting out by yourself to start a business can be an exciting and also scary time. Whatever your reason for needing to go solo and make it on your own, what follows is usually a messy experiment of failures and successes than eventually (hopefully) becomes a business you can be proud of, or the makings of an entrepreneur who’s not afraid to give…

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  • 7 Essential Negotiation Skills for Bloggers and Marketers

    … parties be so daunting? Whether negotiating million dollar contracts or simply negotiating who will do the dishes, negotiation skills are used in nearly every aspect of life. Bloggers and marketers that embrace negotiation, honing those vital skills, will certainly reach new levels of success. Reasons Bloggers and Marketers Need Negotiation Skills…

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