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  • Your Traffic Struggles & My Candid Comments

    … Your Traffic Struggles & My Candid Comments Filed Under: Build Traffic, New Leave a Comment I can’t believe I managed to pull myself away from the Olympic coverage long enough to get this post up. 🙂 I typically get into the Summer Olympics, but this year, I’ve found myself watching sports I’ve never given a second thought to like rugby…

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  • How to Build Traffic in a Crowded Blogosphere – Free Guide

    … Share Tweet +1 Pin People often perceive traffic building as a one-size-fits-all process that everyone can follow and receive similar results. Sure, there are basic principles and guidelines you can follow such as… write great content develop social media strategies start a YouTube Channel But at the end of the day, traffic building…

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  • Do You Need Backlinks to Rank? Why Opinions Vary

    … with regards to ranking websites. How many of you are frustrated with your competitors like Seanguy? Choosing Long Tail Keywords Require Fewer/No Backlinks I can tell you from experience that you can build traffic without manually building links if you go after long tail keywords. It doesn’t work as well as it did years ago, but well enough…

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  • 6 Traffic Building Ideas That Don’t Involve Google (SEO)

    … Share Tweet +1 I’m finally back with another podcast! (Read the trasncript.) If you’re looking for ways to build traffic without Google, this episode will definitely fill your head with a handful of ideas you can try. If you’re a new site owner or blogger, you definitely can’t miss this one. In This Episode How a popular, full-time…

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  • 7 Pinterest Traffic Strategies You Should Be Using Now

    … The traffic to my natural hair site just keeps growing and Pinterest is a big part of it. It’s only 5% of the total views, but it’s passive, targeted and viral traffic! Last month, over 6400 views came from Pinterest. That’s almost three times as many people as this time last year. For the last few days, my daily views from Pinterest has…

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  • Whoa! Why You Might Be Paying For Fake Email Subscribers

    … was on the rise. I thought that was pretty cool, especially since there was no big increase in traffic. Some days it gets up to 50-60 new sign-ups when my daily average had been around 30 or so. Whoo hoooo! Then I took a closer look and noticed something suspicious about the sign-ups. About 35% of my new email subscribers were from India…

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  • 11 Website Marketing Trends and Facts You Should Know in 2015

    …) Posts with videos attract three times as many inbound links as text posts. Believe it or not, this is something I’ve never really measured. I rarely check inbound links earned on individual pages, but I’m more interested in traffic and engagement on posts with videos compared to posts with just text. I quickly went through some content with embedded…

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  • Psst. Is Your Email Strategy Missing? Unsure of What to Send?

    … Every now and then I’ll come across someone who doesn’t have an email list. The top two reasons are typically… 1) I don’t know what to send 2) I don’t want to spam people I can sort of relate to that. When I first started this site I didn’t have a list for a long time. My site links were converting fine on their own so I thought, Why do I…

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  • How to Build Passive Traffic With Pinterest

    … How many social media networks do you use where the original post sends you traffic months or even a year later? Pinterest is the only social site that produces results like that for me on an ongoing basis. And if you’re strategic about what you pin/post, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on the site to get a good return on your time…

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