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  • How to overcome the fact that people are NOT reading your emails

    … By Brooke Ballard, {grow} Contributing Columnist I don’t know about you, but there are MANY days when I want to throw my computer out of a window because of a misinterpreted email. People simply are not reading your emails. They merely scan them in the hope of grasping the context of your business communications. This leads to a lot of back…

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  • The next generation of bloggers is here. And they are computers

    … Haley and Quentin Tarantino. So my life is deeply invested in writing — Human writing. On an emotional level, this trend makes me rather sick to my stomach. But from a professional perspective, I am going to have to deal with this like everyone else. In business we simply cannot work with what we wish for. We must work with what IS. The bots…

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  • 5 Business Books Every Copywriter and Content Marketer Needs

    … to be so compelling and so useful, especially since I spend most days putting words on paper, either for business or pleasure. This is my new favourite business book. The advice is terrific but it’s also a fun read. If you write every day like me or can’t find the pointy end of a pen without difficulty, this book is going to improve your writing game. So, that’s my desert island list of business books. What does your list have on it?…

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  • 5 Ways to Become a Better Writer

    … Everyone wants to become a better writer today. No, not “a writer”. A better writer, because no matter who you are, these days, your life involves writing. You may not like it. You may struggle against it, but today business is 24-hour, non-stop, and global. You need to communicate often, and do it well. Preferably, without slamming your head…

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  • Copywriting Tips: For New and Established Copywriters

    … themselves copywriters, as do copyeditors who are editing books. When I talk about copywriting, I mean advertising — sales writing. Here are some articles we’ve published recently. You, The 30-Second Copywriter Copywriters sell. They make money. If you’re a struggling writer, and you’d like to become a copywriter, you can become one in 30 seconds…

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