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  • Finding inspiration when the words won’t come

    … words on paper, find ways to keep inspired when you’re not sitting at your desk. Once you’ve stimulated your creativity, writing inspiration isn’t far behind. For more advice on how to be effective in your marketing and communications, listen to the weekly Brand Newsroom podcast. You can subscribe on Soundcloud or iTunes. The post Finding inspiration when the words won’t come appeared first on Global Copywriting. …

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  • How to overcome the fact that people are NOT reading your emails

    … By Brooke Ballard, {grow} Contributing Columnist I don’t know about you, but there are MANY days when I want to throw my computer out of a window because of a misinterpreted email. People simply are not reading your emails. They merely scan them in the hope of grasping the context of your business communications. This leads to a lot of back…

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  • The next generation of bloggers is here. And they are computers

    … write, and often, they can write better than humans. The field of Natural Language Processing is progressing quickly and we’re near the point where the success of “bot-writers” will have profound implications for marketers. Here are a few: An army of Don Drapers For any marketing initiative, there are trillions of possible ways to convey just…

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  • 5 Business Books Every Copywriter and Content Marketer Needs

    … What books changed the way you do business? What books do you continually reference in your daily work. To put a fun spin on it, what business books would make it in your desert island pack? Or what books would you want if you had to work in a place with no internet? Some were essential when I started my freelance copywriting business in Perth…

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  • 5 Ways to Become a Better Writer

    … Everyone wants to become a better writer today. No, not “a writer”. A better writer, because no matter who you are, these days, your life involves writing. You may not like it. You may struggle against it, but today business is 24-hour, non-stop, and global. You need to communicate often, and do it well. Preferably, without slamming your head…

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  • Copywriting Tips: For New and Established Copywriters

    … It’s copywriting week on Fab Freelance Writing Blog. Not only will we have copywriting tips galore, we’ll be cover our usual mix of writing guides and inspiration. Looking around on various forums, I noticed that “copywriting” has morphed into a weird mix of definitions. Content writers who write informative rather than sales material call…

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