• In harsh tones, ccNSO rejects NomCom appointee

      ICANN’s Country Code Names Supporting Organization has rejected the appointment to its Council of a Canadian registry director. Saying NomCom ignored long-standing guidance to avoid appointing registry employees, the ccNSO Council has said the recent naming of Marita Moll to the role is “unacceptable”. Moll will have to choose between sitting on the Council and being a director of .

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  • Another ccTLD plays down the “com”

    … Another ccTLD operator has decided to allow registrants to register domains at the second level. Following a trend that has swept the country-code world over the last few years, Malta’s NIC (Malta) said direct .mt registrations will become available December 1. Previously, only third-level regs under,,,…

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  • Five million Indian government workers to get IDN email

    … The Indian government has announced plans to issue fully Hindu-script email addresses to some five million civil servants. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology announced the move, which will see each government employee given an @सरकार.भारत email address, in a statement this week. सरकार.भारत transliterates as “sarkar.bharat…

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  • auDA now looking to outsource .au registry

    … technical spec for comment August 14 and a formal request for tenders August 28, with a view to picking a winner in October/November for a July 2018 launch. The company currently uses Neustar as its back-end due to Neustar’s 2015 acquisition of 15-year incumbent AusRegistry. The names of the companies responding to the REOI, and their number, have not been disclosed. Tweet Tagged: .au, auda, ausregistry, cctlds, neustar …

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  • Domainers want the head of auDA’s chair

    … Disspain was fired and replaced by Cameron Boardman. I’m told auDa has been hemorrhaging staff for months — 10 of its 13 employees have apparently left the organization this year. Tweet Tagged: .au, auda, cctlds, …

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  • India to have SIXTEEN ccTLDs

    … While most countries are content to operate using a single ccTLD, India is to up its count to an unprecedented 16. It already has eight, but ICANN’s board of directors at the weekend approved the delegation of an additional eight. The new ccTLDs, which have yet to hit the root, are .ಭಾರತ, .ഭാരതം, .ভাৰত, .ଭାରତ, .بارت, .भारतम्, .भारोत…

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  • InternetNZ wants to fire two of its three (!) CEOs

    … organization needs to streamline, according to the working group that came up with the paper, in order to more effectively compete with the influx of new TLDs, which has seen ccTLDs see slowing growth. .nz is one of the few ccTLDs that has a direct new gTLD competitor — .kiwi. It also wants to diversify its revenue streams outside of domain registration…

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  • Neustar’s .au deal in peril as Aussies look in-house

    … Australian ccTLD registry auDA is looking at bringing its back-end infrastructure in house, to the possible detriment of Neustar. In a surprise move, auDA said late last month that several months of talks with AusRegistry, aimed at possibly extending its current back-end contract beyond 2018, had failed. AusRegistry has operated .au for auDA…

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  • Belgium domains will be registered in Ireland after cloud move

    … maintenance, executives said. “As AWS sees to the hardware, connectivity etc., DNS Belgium can focus on the layers above, such as the software,” general manager Philip Du Bois said in a press release. Business development manager Lut Goedhuys said that while the system has been moved to the cloud, AWS allows customers to select the data centers where their applications will be stored. DNS Belgium picked Ireland, she said. Tweet Tagged: .be, .cloud, amazon, aws, cctlds, dns belgium …

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  • Get ready for thousands of new two-letter domains

    …, regardless of length. Before and after the resolution passed, the GAC expressed “serious concern” that the board had not formally responded to the Helsinki communique. In its Hyderabad communique, issued after yesterday’s vote, the GAC advised the board to: Clearly indicate whether the actions taken by the Board as referred to in the resolution…

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  • “Ditch .com!” government to tell Indians

    … as saying the campaign will play up to nationalist sentiments The government wants to grow .in from about 2.1 million domains to 3 million domains by March next year, it said. Prices could come down to the $2 to $3 range, the paper said. The campaign is due to start in a month or so, it was reported. Tweet Tagged: .com, .in, cctlds, india …

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  • Buy it or lose it? Governments could get first dibs on two-letter domains

    … Governments and ccTLD registries would get new rights to own two-letter domains in new gTLDs under a proposed ICANN policy. These highly-prized domains, many of which are likely worth thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, would be subject to a mini sunrise period, under the proposal. The so-called Exclusive Availability Pre-registration…

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  • Norway bans the Dutch from using dormant .bv

    … The Norwegian government has intervened to prevent a deal that would have allowed the sale of .bv domain names in the Netherlands. Norwegian ccTLD registry Norid and Dutch counterpart SIDN said a deal to start using the dormant ccTLD fell apart after the government exercised its right of veto under Norway’s domain regulations. .bv represents…

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