Checkout Optimization

  • Checkout field validation: tips and tricks

    … When running an online store, it’s important to ensure that the entire user experience is an effortless process. This helps your visitors navigate through the steps easier, but also makes them more inclined to come back later. In this post, we’ll look at a (relatively) simple principle that can help your users checkout faster and easier: Credit…

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  • 7 ways to increase sales by creating trust

    … a very nice woman, but listing actual pictures of yourself and/or your employees creates trust and pushes conversion due to recognition and identification. If you are using something like live chat on your website, this experience will definitely be enhanced by using an actual employer’s photo at that chat. 5. List your physical address People want…

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  • Checkout page UX

    … as possible. Please realize that conversion and checkout page UX go hand in hand. Improving the UX of your checkout process will influence conversion as well. Progress bar One of the most important things to realize is that checkout page UX is actually about optimizing every single step (page) in the checkout process. Before going into detail, I’d like…

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