• Affiliate World Europe: MRKTRS Taking Over Berlin

      Finally back and settled in from my 2 week travels. After my trip with AdCombo in Turkey, I had a 3 day stay in Istanbul right before an epic conference in Europe. Affiliate World Conferences just finished their Europe venture hosting a ton of affiliates and marketers. Affiliate World held their Europe conference in Berlin, Germany. It was definitely a bit colder than it was in Turkey.

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  • Interview with Karl Gilis (AGConsult)

    … risks. But that means you’ll reach a status quo. You have to take calculated risks. Based on user research and past experience you identify the weak points of site of page. And then you start making changes. Small changes will mostly result in small results. Big, bold changes will result in big changes. Hopefully an uplift, but sometimes a drop…

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  • The State of Digital Marketing Events – 3 Things I’d Like to See

    … One of the (many) great things about our industry is that there are a ton of great digital marketing events taking place all over the world. You only have to take a quick look at the list we maintain here on State of Digital to see that much for yourself. And in recent months, I’ve seen a few brand new dedicated SEO conferences pop up here…

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  • The Day of Your Big Presentation: How To Prepare

    … and anxious about your public speaking. Your best presentations happen when you are relaxed. Tip 2: Go To The Gym I’m a big fan of the healthy lifestyle. I try to do something that benefits my health each and every day. I have learned that the mind and body are closely connected. I have also learned the working out can release positive endorphins…

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  • What does it take to run a conference in 2017?

    … The digital marketing conference scene has changed a lot in the last decade. In 2007 most search marketers were looking at SES and it was the first year we saw an SMX. In 2017 everything is different. As you can see on our events list, there is a lot more to choose. Having more events is a good thing. It gives the audience choice. They are able…

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  • How to get yourself ready for your first ever speaking gig

    … No matter how long you’ve been working in the digital marketing industry, you can always find something to push you that bit harder. For some, this may mean a new role or specialism, but for others, the lure of speaking at a conference can be an attractive one. Or at least one to debate as you mull over the following thoughts: “Do I know enough…

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  • Speaking At The Self Storage Association (SSA) Spring, 2017 Conference

    … Speaking At The Self Storage Association (SSA) Spring, 2017 Conference By PPC Ian Mar 20 0 Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting at the Self Storage Association (SSA) Spring, 2017 conference in beautiful New Orleans, Louisiana. Christine Munther from G5, my friend and business partner, and I co-presented on the topic of Expert Marketing…

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  • Announcing YoastCon 2017 – November 2, 2017

    … On November 2, 2017, we’re organizing the second edition of the coolest SEO conference of The Netherlands: YoastCon. Starting today, you can get your hands on an extremely limited amount of early bird tickets for just €249. YoastCon is a hands-on SEO conference where you’ll learn invaluable tactics to enhance your site to get better rankings…

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  • Affiliate Summit West (ASW 17) Events 2017

    Posting this up for those who are heading to Vegas for ASW. If anyone is keen to catch up, hopefully I see you at one of the parties or for a meal / coffee.. Shoot me a message on FB / Skype and lets schedule something! Saturday 14th Jan 4pm-7pm World Series of Affiliates Poker Tournament @ Palms Casino Resort https://www.eventbrite.

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  • Know your customer

    … up writing product focused copy or just using best practices from your industry. That won’t make you stand out from your competitors, and even worse: it won’t let you connect to your customers. Amy talked about distinguishing yourself from your competitors. Don’t use terms like ‘high quality’ or ‘easy to use’. Amy calls these ‘umbrella terms…

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  • Host Your First Virtual Conference, with Bailey Richert

    … Virtual conferences have been around for years. They provide the education of a live event, without the expense of travel, hotel, and other “real world” costs that live events bring. That’s the benefit to attendees. Entrepreneurs can use virtual conferences as a way to build or expand an audience, while also developing a membership product…

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  • How to Enhance Your Membership Site With Live Events

    … Live events are a great way to amplify your authority and enhance your membership site, if you know the right way to produce them. Membership sites are about community — creating an online environment for those who share similar interests and passions. But for all their strengths, there’s a layer of abstraction that lacks the personal…

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