Confused.Com, part of the Admiral Group, is a British price comparison website specialising in insurance and financial services. The website enables consumers to compare prices on a range of insurance and financial products, including car insurance, home insurance, life insurance and credit cards.
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  • The Golden Rule for Leveraging SEO from your PR Activities

    … – getting links from sites like those can be like SEO gold-dust. While SEOs have become more PR-savvy, we haven’t necessarily seen the same thing with PRs becoming more SEO-savvy. When I worked for way back in 2010, I worked with some great colleagues in the PR team who truly ‘got’ SEO (shout-out to @KellysDavies and @PRVix!), and I…

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  • Brand-focused Content Marketing for the Finance Industry

    … elsewhere. For example, you might have written a great blog post or created an infographic and you can use that content to create a presentation you can attract a different audience. This is an example from where they split down an infographic and added it to Slideshare where it got an additional 300 views. The Infographic This leads…

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